The "Power" visitors!

On the lazy Christmas afternoon, Pistop cafe was swarmed by a horde of folks of over 25 people in less then half an hour!!! The Kitchen folks and machines were whipped and tortured to work extremely hard, the aircon was coughing out hot air due to the overwhelming number of 'hot' bodies (hot in every sense) emiting their love and warmth in this season of giving.

As a result of this sudden swarm, the power supply coughed out blood and gave up on us! damn, we just had our power supply upgraded the day before!...After checking, we realise that it is not really due to the power consumption, but rather having to many equipments on the same point. (and not to mention the 'capability' of the $9.90 multi plug extension that comes free with a multi plug adaptor)

for that, we really apologise for the 'double trippin' as well as the haphazrdness of the entire afternoon! we are also particularly apologetic to those folks who felt that we were not up to expectations due to the long wait for food, the 'hot' con as well as the constant shifting of tables. (well, not to mention the extrememly lousy game educator that have to read the manual on the spot to teach Bohnanza)

It was wonderful having you guys here! really very happy to see you folks brighten up the place and fillin it with warmth on Christmas day!! we are still new and still working on many things!! Do give us more time and chances to impress you.

Anyway this big group was really fantastic,they tried lots of party games, bringing lots of laughter and smiles to everyone... a peek at what they did to the cafe:


Sowing Wild beans in the gane of Bohnanza. Ain't nobody wants the stinking beans???



Yes...all this folks swarmed in right after Christmas service!!

Of Chicks, Babes and Mumu

Of course smaller groups are not neglected, attention is paid to everyone of you.
'we are watching you, always watching'

Building railways in 'Ticket to Ride' makes people hungry

Christmas gift exchange, Pot luck party as well

Even couples too!! A perfect spot to bring your date!! Induldge in mutual activities (boardgames lah!) or do a Moulin Rouge at our romantic balcony

Yes, the mysterious "fish and chip" guy is back today...we hope you have enjoy the meal and hope to see you again soon! If you are reading this, drop us your comments ok!

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Kean said...

helo. I'm one of the 'power visitors'. haha. There's not really a need to apologize cos we really do understand. :) We want to thank you even for your top notch service. Keep this up and customers will be coming back for more. Jiayou!
The games were great. I really liked cluzzle. :)
Wishing you all the best in our business.

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