Standby for countdown...


Some of my friends are asking why there isn't any much of a launch special. Actually we are not officially launch which means we are actually launching it unofficially. So it will mainly be all our nice and supportive friends and families..sound heart warming?

Hopefully this help us get things going and iron out the 1001 little bits and pieces so that we will be able to serve and operate much better!

Waikee is supposed to do some POS system that is supposely able to track all the stuff...still not done yet! I am going to term that at as SOS system and submit it to the list of vapourware for 2005 instead! :P

Anyway thanks to some of you guys who have been dropping comments and sending emails with encouraging words. So if you guys are available today, drop by for a drink on the house ok! See ya and spread the word will you?

today will be a fine day...

Kitchen Helper

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