Truly a Dummy's Guide to Pitstop Cafe

After the escalator, you will reach this place:


Walk straight towards the river and you will approach this:


note that it looks really different at night.

turn left and you will see this:


Walk along Macdonald's to the stretch of road behind river.

you will reach one of the narrow five foot way like this,

the first shop should be Moomba and right beside it is TCC


Do not go inside, do not patronise, carry on walking

now, this is the road that you wil see:

It is really congested with cars parked illegally at zig zag lines.

The Carpark attendant also comes once every 2 hrs.

Ignore the carpark attendants, they got nothing to do with you ( taking public transport is good), you should be able to see this building at a junction which say Lor Telok.


Carry on walking until you see a sign on your right that says, 'Circular Rd'


Walk about 100 more steps and you will see this place,


You are almost there, almost like Amazing Race.

20 more steps, and as you look up towards your left, with your head tilted slightly at 43.531 degree.


The red cloth is not suppose to be there and don't panic when you see an Indian sign on the entrance (it belonged to the 2nd floor tenant)

You should see a flight of stairs like this,


This is your final challenge before you reach the Pitstop, burn calories, burn fats, work out, show off or what ever..

I promise you,

greater rewards awaits those who climbs.

Pitstop Cafe, relax and take your time.


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BlacksheeP said...

Weewooooooo! Found it! Yeeeeehawww!

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