The next Pitstop Cafe model

Yea, Live feeds at Pitstop cafe!!!! These folks are all taken live at Pitstop Cafe using only your normal proconsumer camera (in this case the Lumix FZ20). What you see, is really what you get!!!

What governs the creation of such menu is strictly inspired by our home. Mum has willingly sacrificed her time to prepare the marinade and impart to us her cooking skills.

The food might not be up to standard of what you find in fine dining restaurants or well known coffee conglomerates. However, what we are offering to you is our sincerity. Sincerity to try, sincerity to learn and sincerity to please your taste buds as well your visit with us.

With Sincerity and Mum's secret recipe, we strive to give your taste buds a sense of familiarity of home cooked food at great prices!

Check out some of our feature!

Our funky version of Steak, otherwise known as 'Cattle Cut'. Be it medium, rare, raw or whatever, savour its tender meat and you will shout, 'Well Done!!'

Cattle Cut

The bait that won the heart of our 'Mr Fish and Chips', the guy who came knocking on the door asking for fish and chips at 1 am !!! Crispy on the outside, fresh on the inside, this is a definitely the catch of the day!!!

Bread Talk Dory

Yet another Pitstop specialty, Chicken Cutlet garnished with slices of mango strips and toppped with a mysterious mango chili dip that mum refuses to disclose.

Poultry in the Mango Spa

Finger licking good, finger food keepss a round of game or conversation going. Hot crispy chicken wings with a nice dose of chili sauce. Can you see the juices already flowing out!?!?!

chicken wings
Flight of the Poultry

Our Hotseller, New Zealand Natural premium Ice cream. Guaranteed the one and only premium ice cream retailer in the whole boat quay, come and let the cool snow balls melt in your throat....

Dew Berrymore

We also maintain the highest grade, specially grinded and individually extracted coffee beans to produce a sweet dose of caffeine coupled with the aroma of the skilfully frothed milk....


Meals from $6.90 only. On yes, no service charge, no GST, just pure good food, fun and laughter...

Timo and Kitchen Helper


EduCafe said...

Wooow... :P
Couldn't wait to try it!

emu said...

oh...hehe...i posted the comment about the chicken cutlet in an earlier post...


Thanks people for not succumbing to reheating the food etc even when you are so busy on New Year's eve...

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