A great business done.....(not as simple as it sounds)

while whistling in the toilet, I decided to pen my thoughts about the decision of starting such a cafe business.

Doing business needs some effort and time yer know

Man, I could have done a great deal of things with that kinda money. I could sell handphone covers, I could open a stationary shop, sell bubble tea or even open a pub. But why did I freaking choose a boardgames cafe?!?!??!

ah.... my other self surface once again

back in the days of my depraved childhood, when I looked like this,

Nobody wanted to be my friend, no girls liked me and no one liked to play with me.

boo hoo hoo

I yearned so much for people to come to my house and played boardgames with me, I'll be able to show them all the toys I've got and we can have a nice meal prepared by my mum.

but lo and behold, nobody is very interested in me, neither are they interested with the exciting activities that I have planned for them.

I grew up feeling deprived of friends, thirsting for playmates and seizing every opportunity to invite friends over to my place for a party.

yea man, be my friend leh....

well, not that I know what are my other partners' intention of having such a cafe, but I hope with this cafe and the atmosphere that we have created. I hope that all my friends will be able to use this as a meeting place for them to catch up with each other and have an enjoyable time together. As for me, I'll be able to fulfil my long awaited fantasy of having a cafe full of friends partying and chilling, have a nice home cooked meal and also rounds of boardgames that I have so missed out during my childhood.

ah..... finally, I'm able to let it all out! time to clean my ass and publish this post-in-the-toilet.

Business clinched

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