Pitstop Florist???

A very sincere thanks to all you guys who have send us nice big bouquets of flowers! They are damm chio and really brighten up the place. We have been faithfully watering them to keep them fresh and pretty...


Special thanks to all the relatives who have come to support us!


Another nice bouquets from my friends! They are pretty isn't it! Thanks to Albert, Coleman, Chee Heong, Chee Khoon, Steven, Hang Lian & Mum, Meifoong and Chee Meng, Tan Long and family and Tze Pin and family. Special thanks to Coleman on teaching us to use the blog and Hang Lian for spreading the word!


Another interesting bouquet with nice orange balloons. Goes well with the stripes in the cafe :) Thanks Jane and Jason!

Really like to thanks everyone who has been coming down to support us, who has given us nice red packets, who has tried our food, ice cream and coffee and enjoy it, who has come and use our auto flush toilet, who has given us lots of encouragment and support and so much more! God bless all this kind souls!!!


cityhermit said...

Hope you "pitstopers" had a great first weekend since your opening. We had a good time tracking the opening date in order to make sure the flowers are sent on the right day...heh heh....you probably didn't realise there is a group of people whose hearts dropped when they read about the "asshole" entry. Keep it up guys!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how my neighbour could save a fortune on her credit cards. Now I too have the secret.

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