So busy..so freaking busy

as you can tell by now, we have lesser and lesser pictures on the blog.

actually we do have tons of pics to show you folks.

pics of folks having fun, enjoying themselves...

but lo and behold, we were so freaking busy.

The boss is also a waiter, a cleaner, a dishwasher and everything else..

my goodness, the operations really needs some fine tuning, we were all crowding around the counter, blocking one another's path, the receipt printer doesnt work,
the electricity tripped, the pos system become sos, the aircon becomes 'hotcon', the ice hardens, the chef unhappy, everything seem to happen at one time.

Friends, if you read this, do emphathise with us. Today is the second day of the opening, we are going to try it out again. hope that this time round things get better.

It's just not possible that we all work so hard and the day's earning is less than $500!!!

if this goes on, it will soon become PITFALL cafe.


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