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On the 22nd of November, En Community Services Society (ECSS), a Voluntary Welfare Organization, held a half-day Board Games event targeting the youths at Changi South Lane. Although Pitstop Cafe is a small, that did not stop us from trying to do a part of this event. Together with NTU FastForward, we lend our hands to such a meaningful cause, providing both manpower and the games. The event was a success, with over 40 participants.

Check out some of the pictures...

The NTU FastForward team that did a wonderful job in supporting this event.

What a better way to end the day with a nice dinner with the whole team.

I like to thank Jonathan and team from En Community Services Society for providing us with this opportunity to take part in this event. Last but not least, a big big thank to the great team from NTU FastForward Board Games Club. We would not be able to do much without the support from you guys!

Thanks for making the event a success!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



What a Wonderful PMS

This month PMS must be the one with the heaviest flow. Friends bringing more friends, packed our humble cafe with lots of fun and laughter. Despite the focus on heavy strategy games, it was nice to see that we have quite a few ladies who join in as well!

Special thanks to ex-Pitstop crew like Carolin, Smith, Chris and Alfie for not only participating but also helping out with the meetup. Also have to give credit to current crew, Yvonne and Mervin for making constant rounds of refilling the drinks.

It was great to see both the regulars as well as new faces. To view more pictures, do visit Pitstop Cafe on Facebook. I have seen a lot of familiar faces but have yet to remember all the names. Old folks like me tends to be more clumsy and forgetful so help me out by tagging the photos too!

It was great to be able to bring out some of the good games like Hansa and Puerto Rico as well as new games like Kingsburg.

Thanks again for everyone for coming and taking part and we hope that all of you had a great time!

Do leave your suggestions on how you would like us to improve on our future meetups.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!

weekee aka astro


November PMS

All Board Games Lovers,

This month Pitstoppers Meetup Session (PMS) will be on next Tuesday (25th Nov). PMS is a fun event for everyone to make more friends and learn more about some of the fun and unique designer board games.

This time round, the theme is on resource management type of games. It is also my favourite genre of games! Some people term this type of games as "Pek Chek" (means frustrating in Hokkien) games. In this type of games, it is all about making tough decisions base on the limited amount of resources that you have.


Date: Tuesday 25th Nov 2008
Time: 7.00pm to 10.30pm
Venue: Pitstop Cafe
Charges: No charges and free flow of drinks as well!
Promotion: Selected main courses at $7 nett so come for dinner!
Number: 25 pax (by registration only)
Theme: Making the best out of your resources

Some of the games that will be introduced are:
  • Puerto Rico
  • Pillars of the Earth
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Hansa
  • Kingsburg
  • Powergrid
So join us for a wonderful evening of board games action by registering for the event at Pitstop Cafe Facebook Page.

Do provide us with some of your suggestions if there are other games you like to play. Hope to see you there!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!




Hey! (: I went to your cafe yesterday and your crews were all really friendly, helpful and nice. Pls help me say thank you to them! Those who were on shift at about 10pm. They gave us a warm and cosy feeling and it was really awesome! I'll drop by again soon. Thanks alot!
-Amelia Wun

I like to say thanks to the wonderful Pitstop team who have made this possible. I think it is a constant reminder to us that people do notice and appreciate good service if we take pride in it ourselves. We know that we are the best, that is why we try harder.

Special thanks to Fernie, Haopeng & Dickson for the job well done! Also thanks to Chao Turtle for making sure everything went well that night.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!


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