What a Wonderful PMS

This month PMS must be the one with the heaviest flow. Friends bringing more friends, packed our humble cafe with lots of fun and laughter. Despite the focus on heavy strategy games, it was nice to see that we have quite a few ladies who join in as well!

Special thanks to ex-Pitstop crew like Carolin, Smith, Chris and Alfie for not only participating but also helping out with the meetup. Also have to give credit to current crew, Yvonne and Mervin for making constant rounds of refilling the drinks.

It was great to see both the regulars as well as new faces. To view more pictures, do visit Pitstop Cafe on Facebook. I have seen a lot of familiar faces but have yet to remember all the names. Old folks like me tends to be more clumsy and forgetful so help me out by tagging the photos too!

It was great to be able to bring out some of the good games like Hansa and Puerto Rico as well as new games like Kingsburg.

Thanks again for everyone for coming and taking part and we hope that all of you had a great time!

Do leave your suggestions on how you would like us to improve on our future meetups.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!

weekee aka astro

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