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We are offering a very special promo for a special limited time - promotion ends 30 Nov 2011 - and it goes like this easy:

Buy 1 Pitstop gaming package and Get 1 Free!
Minimum 6 pax reservation to enjoy this.

Whether is it for friends gathering, hang-out, birthday celebration, get-together, meetings, etc etc, hurray, get your friends or colleagues and make a Pitstop together!

Remember to make your min 6 pax reservation in advance.

See ya! Be part of the fun!


Birthday Events at Pitstop

Are you looking for a unique fun place to celebrate birthday parties?

We at Pitstop have hosted many fun, unique, enjoyable events especially birthday parties, check out some of our photos on facebook to see the many enjoyable events.

If you are planning for one soon, feel freel to call us at 6535 5383 or send in your event enquiries so that we can assist and work out a value-for-money fun event package for you. Hurray! Make reservation for your parties in advance!

Yea! We welcome many more birthday parties at Pitstop!

Pitstop Cafe
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Happy National Day!

Come over to Pitstop and enjoy a Special 15% off all our gaming packages on National Day! Yea, is that simple! Great deal and Great fun!

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Check out our Promotions!

The Pitstop Promotions allow you to have more fun throughout the week! Yap, check out what we always have in mind for our customers to have fun at a great value too.

Check out our Promotion page to find out what we are offering!

These are just some of the great stuff we have on-going for you and friends; there are more gaming package promotion availabile too during Monday to Friday!

Call us at 6535 5383 to make your reservation or welcome to Online reserve too. See you at Pitstop soon!

Also, Sunday opening is based on reservation only; a reminder to reserve 2 days or more in advance if you and friends plan to come over Pitstop on every Sunday. Thanks.


Games recommendation


Ever wonder how well exactly the members of your clique knew each other?
Ever tried picturing each and every one of them in totally outrageous scenarios and imagined how they would possibly react in such situations?

In Imaginiff, the two questions are combined in a game of smart guesses and tactful voting! Guranteed to uncover long-known secrets of of all your friends, and possibly even make them confused over their understanding of themselves. For in this game, the majority always win!

For Pitstoppers that have played this game, play and enjoy again! For those who have not, come over to have a game of fun!



Game Recommendation


More than just a mere competition of agricultural domination, Bohnanza is a sow-and-reap card game which promises to be a real test of cunning and the eye for opportunity. Choose wisely for the most lucrative seeds to invest in, plant them, and use your scheming to sway neighbouring farmers into trading their best seeds for those you have absolutely no use of! Spaces in your plantation is extremely limited, so be sure to hold your guard up against your business rivals and prevent them from forcing sales of your premature plantations for scrap!

A real engaging game with fairly simple rules and a gameplay interface not too difficult to grapple with, Bohnanza guarantees to be a breathtaking experience in which all players will be pitting their wits against each other till the very end! Recommended for ages 12 and above.

CY, Pitstop Crew


Game Recommendation

'WASABI' is a game that focuses on Japanese Cuisine, Sushi. This game is highly recommended for Japanese Cuisine lover. This game is depending mainly on your strategic knowledge because of the limited space and recipes.

Personally, I would recommend this game because it not only easy to pick up but also forces to to bring out the strategic personality of someone. On my first try-out, it looks complicated. But I was able to pick up fast. Because of the user-friendly design, I was able to enjoy the game really much. Good luck :D

Brendon, Pitstop Crew

I would recommend the game handy. This is because the game requires everyone to work with one another to balance all the balls in midair only with your fingers. When I played that game with my friends I find it quite a challenge. It requires everyone to trust one another.

Another reason why I will recommend that game is because it will bring everyone close together and have fun at the same time. Remember everything call fall because of one.

Marcus, Pitsop Crew


Chinese New Year Promotion!

To celebrate this festive period from 6 Feb to 18 Feb, 2011, we are pleased to offer a special CNY promotion for all our valued customers. We will be giving 15% discount to all game packages and Pitstop members will enjoy additional 5% discount.

We are OPEN on 6 Feb (Sunday) onwards.

Grab your friends, hurry Down to Pitstop Cafe!

Gong Xi Fa Cai,
Pitstop Board games Cafe
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Dear friends, Happy 2011

Thank you for all the support!

Lots of Best Wishes for the new year!

We look forward to your continuous support, laughter and happy moments at Pitstop Cafe. Horray!

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