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More than just a mere competition of agricultural domination, Bohnanza is a sow-and-reap card game which promises to be a real test of cunning and the eye for opportunity. Choose wisely for the most lucrative seeds to invest in, plant them, and use your scheming to sway neighbouring farmers into trading their best seeds for those you have absolutely no use of! Spaces in your plantation is extremely limited, so be sure to hold your guard up against your business rivals and prevent them from forcing sales of your premature plantations for scrap!

A real engaging game with fairly simple rules and a gameplay interface not too difficult to grapple with, Bohnanza guarantees to be a breathtaking experience in which all players will be pitting their wits against each other till the very end! Recommended for ages 12 and above.

CY, Pitstop Crew

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playmobil farm said...

I like your retrogradations. I hope you can have one for adults. Thanks!

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