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'WASABI' is a game that focuses on Japanese Cuisine, Sushi. This game is highly recommended for Japanese Cuisine lover. This game is depending mainly on your strategic knowledge because of the limited space and recipes.

Personally, I would recommend this game because it not only easy to pick up but also forces to to bring out the strategic personality of someone. On my first try-out, it looks complicated. But I was able to pick up fast. Because of the user-friendly design, I was able to enjoy the game really much. Good luck :D

Brendon, Pitstop Crew

I would recommend the game handy. This is because the game requires everyone to work with one another to balance all the balls in midair only with your fingers. When I played that game with my friends I find it quite a challenge. It requires everyone to trust one another.

Another reason why I will recommend that game is because it will bring everyone close together and have fun at the same time. Remember everything call fall because of one.

Marcus, Pitsop Crew

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