The Gaming Experience

It is always very encouraging to hear comments that we explain the board games rules clearly and hence that allow them to enjoy the games even more.

So what exactly goes on at Pitstop Cafe as we increase our board games selection? To us it is more than just buying board games or having the greatest collection of games. It is the Pitstopper's gaming experience that matters the most.

Hence we develop our own unique PITSTOP process to ensure you folks have a fun experience...

P - Preparation
The beginning is always preparation. At this stage we plan the budget and decide on games to buy. Games of different play mechanics are explored to ensure that we have a good mix of games.

For example, the Pitstoppers at the cafe are basically "cruel" folks, they like to play games that can sabo people and so we try to look for games like Saboteur, etc

A new set of games for the cafe

Once we got the games, more work needs to be done!

Laminating cards by cards to ensure the games are well maintain to be enjoyed by all

I - Investigate
Now the the brain draining part begins, understanding the rules of the games! Rule books can easily span over 8 pages. While some are nice to read with beautiful illustrations, there are others that are simpily mind blogging and confusing. Online research are also done to clarify some of the more ambiguious rules.

Days of Wonder have really nice rule books

See how engross Kimoki is when reading it, just like when he is reading his FHM

T - Test
The best way to learn the game is to test it and play as it goes along.

The Pitstop crew testing out the game of Cleopatra and the Society of Architects

S - Story Telling
While we are not really good story tellers, we always try to add and enforce the theme of the game...

"In this game, you are the owner of a train company in US. Your mission is to connect up cities via railway tracks..." - astroboy, Ticket to Ride

"All of you are dwarfs working in a gold mine, some are gold diggers while others just want to sabotage the rest..." - kimoki, Saboteur

Though simple, we believe simple details like this will make the game even more enjoyable.

T - Teach
The next step is to find guinea pigs and try to teach the games to them...

Thanks to Sharon, Thierry and Stupid Genius for trying the new game

O - Observe
Must observe if they enjoy the game or if there is any part of the games that are confusing and require more clarification

Seem like they had a good time!

P - Practice
Like what my ah gong always tells me, practice makes perfect. As we go along, we learn about the games Pitstoppers enjoy and we recommend them to other Pitstoppers too. That was also one of the reason why we did not really see a need for a game list, cos it is not just having a big selection of games, but rather the ability to recommend the right games to the right group.

So don't be wondering how come the crew always so kaypo, come around and check on how's the game going. Cos at Pitstop Cafe, it is not just about playing board games. It is making sure you have a fun gaming expereince!

Pitstop cafe, be part of the fun!



Through Pepper and Salt, United We Stand

2 strange folks stumbled upon Pitstop Cafe. Their kind and pretty owner, Nadnut have decided that Pitstop Cafe will be a better home for them...

A pink and white couple, looking lost and afraid

Of course the resident folks at Pitstop Cafe is always ready to help

"Welcome!" shouted one of them

A nice friendly hug will do the trick and sure to make everyone at home

On a side note, for girls that come to Pitstop Cafe and need a hug to feel at home, Kimoki and Astroboy will be glad to help.

Ok back to the story...

and the pink and white couple will no longer be alone but be part of the big happy family at Pitstop Cafe. From then on, got pepper share pepper, got salt share salt...

Yeah, welcome to the big family of Pitstop Cafe. Will introduce you guys to the our Penguin brothers next time

and they live happily ever after...

Nadnut thanks for the gift!

Pitstop Cafe, we are one big happy family



The Invasion of the Penguins

And as if the recent Invasion of the Pigs was not enough. Pitstop cafe was invaded by another swell of species.

However, this time not by piles of pigs, but by six 'commando' penguins.

Pretty much like those penguins you watched in 'Madagascar', these crack troop was organized and launched a stealthy attack on Pitstop cafe right after we chased away the last bit of those swines.

Commando penguins from ariel view

As these polar denizens launched their attack in such small numbers and with such stealth, it caught the pitstop crew by surprise.

The 'Pigs-ti-cide' handled to us by Nadnut was of course, useless against them.

'oh when the guins, oh when the guins came marching in...

I wanna be one in the number.. oh when the guins came..' oh shut up!

It's a wonder who they could make their way up from the first floor. Talk about lack of visibility, I think Pitstop cafe attracts folks precisely because it is just so out of sight.

That's why folks come because they just wanna come, and not just about chancing upon it.

Pretty much like these penguins, which launched a planned attack on us.. they must have swam all the way from the artic ocean to Singapore river.

Different battle formations

This is call the 'Luo Han' (stacking buddha) formation. Or so we are told

The Pitstop crew did not let them overcome us without a fight, In one fell swoop, we rounded them up.

Mu mu transformed into a giant mushroom and scared the freak out of them.

Astroboy lauched his astro homing missles and burned their artic ass off.

Eve start yakking away and deafened their otherwise, hidden artic ears

Tim was still looking at girls from the balcony

The Pitstop crew won in the end, or rather we negotiated with the leader for a peace treaty.

The Penguins will have to stay in Pitstop cafe as P.O.Ws and we have a very special job for them to do...

We treat P.O.Ws with kindness, we leave them on shelves

So come down to Pitstop cafe and check out the heck this Penguins do in the cafe!

And yes, by the way. interested Pitstop crews, its not too bad to have penguins as your colleagues too!

Pitstop cafe, attracting all kinds of species



Wanted!!! Pitstop Crew!

Being 'Hands-On-ing' in everything, Pitstop cafe has certainly allowed the Pitstop crew to acculmulate wealth of experience.

From understanding how business is run in terms of publicity, marketing, finances management etc.. to actually doing the menial chores of cooking, washing the dishes and making sure the accounts tally. The Pitstop crew though, at times, felt the fatigue, but has derived a great sense of satisfaction in seeing how Pitstop cafe has actually grown.

In order to bring Pitstop cafe to another level of fun and entertainment, the Pitstop crew would like to call on folks who are interested in becoming part of this big family.

Anyway, here are the charcteristics of a good o' pitstop crew..

Bringing you so much 'MU' to life than you can ever imagine

Putting on a heartwarming smile all the time and also brings smiles to the faces of fellow Pitstoppers. Making sure that fellow Pitstoppers' needs are met and ensure that all of you have a great time at Pitstop cafe

Clockwork efficiency and robotic precision of an Astroboy

Ensuring that things are achieved with the best results, staying focus and always using innovative means to make Pitstop cafe a unique place to be in.

What 'Eve' it happens? what would you do?

Being meticulous and sensitive to micro details, always ensuring that things are done smoothly and orderly. Going the extra mile to interact with fellow pitstoppers, making them feel at home.

'Tim-ing' with energy and whackiness

Neverending wealth of energy and endless orchestra of crap and nonsense to entertain fellow pitstoppers, thus ensuring fellow Pitstoppers to be, well, entertained.

So, if you think you fit any of the above characterstics, do drop us an email and come down for a chat!!!

Pitstop cafe will be even more happening because we have more and more quirky crews!!!!

Pitstop cafe, the more the merrier!



The secret's out!!!!

Alright, on a lighter note. let's not bother bout litter bugs and what have you. We all have had enough of such ungracious actions over the past few days in the papers.

Now, I'm gonna leak abit of secret out though.

As to why Pitstop cafe has been closed for 3 days. Many people have been wondering and speculating, now it's time to leak bits of nuggets in the toilet sink.

in the calm surrender...

Aah..what do we have here? complains of Pitstop cafe being too 'dry' and lack of greenery have been the feedbacks for the past few months.

After all, Singapore is known as the Garden City isn't it?

away from the hustle and bustle of the rat race....

Prayers have been answered. We have transplanted some of these gems of nature into the cafe.

And really, nature does wonders. Just few of these bushy greens turn this otherwise dry balcony into a lofty oasis.

a nice cup of coffee amidst nature and a soothing skyline...

What's better! we've moved our two favorite sofa outside, so that you and your folks can just chill and enjoy the starry skyline above or the happening street below.

surprise awaits! boo!

As the balcony doors are sound proofed. This makes the balcony a perfect cosy spot for a private party for 12-15 people. Of course, use of the space is not subjected to any further charges, just that those who have phobia for no aircon might find it slightly too warm for comfort.

presenting to you, the Pitstop balcony. complete with comfortable sofas and your own private space

Nevertheless, the Pitstop balcony has been tried and tested by fellow pitstoppers. Some say its 'comfortable and cosy', while others say it 'feels like a private room' . Whatever it is, do come down to Pitstop cafe and try the balcony!

True to the old saying; ' relak one corner brother, brother!!!'

Well, the secret's out.. well, for now I guess.. but do you think that warrants a 3 day close?

The balcony's but the tip of the ice berg.

I dare say more exciting stuff awaits.

Pitstop cafe, always sharing secrets.



Please don't do this to us

Pitstop Cafe like any other cafe, in general do not accept eating of outside food within the cafe. In fact my downstairs kopitiam also don't allow that.

In fact, most of the time we close one eye when a group is sharing a piece of dessert here and there, sharing your own homemade cookies etc.

As long as not too unreasonable we are cool about it.

In fact it is very common for folks to;

1) Bring in their own birthday cakes and let us keep it in the fridge if there is space.
2) We also provide servettes,
3) candles,
4) ice water

Most importantly, we do the clear up too!!!

but if you decided to throw it away on your way out it is cool too.

But please don't do this to us...

A empty cake box dump right at our door step. That's not cool or should i say "beh steady"

Perhaps i should give the box a benfit of doubt. Perhaps the owner was in the rush, forgotten about it, etc.

But anyway folks if next time you need us to clear the trash for you just let us know, don't leave it at our doorsteps. It is really unsightly and other folks might accidentally step on it and dirty themselves, trip over, blah blah blah...

Pitstop Cafe, be steady



Victory over the Invasion of the Pigs

Yeah Pitstop Cafe will be open today after a successful victory over the Invasion of the Pigs

The fate of the pigs after their failed invasion

They do taste funny, must be the anti-pig spray from nadnut. Wonder what goes in the spray...

Anyway while we are getting the house back in order, we will be having a limited promotion of 15% discount!!!! Heard that? 15% discount off the total bill at the cafe till the end of August!!!!

So be part of the fun, come to Pitstop Cafe

Pitstop Cafe, we are open



Closed...1 more day to go!

Hey Pitstoppers, please note that Pitstop Cafe will be closed from Monday 14th August to Wednesday 16th August.

We will be reopening on Thursday 17th August

The furniture are still up for grabs.

For any enquiries, you can drop us an email, shout out in the chatbox. If you like to hear our voices, you can also call our chatline at 65355383.

Do check back the blog for more details...

For those who are wondering what has happened to Pitstop Cafe, some say that the cafe is repainting to make space for new drawings while one of the blogger suspected that the closing is due to the Invasion of the Pigs.

I suspect that the crew are just lazy and like to take a short break!

I suspect that I and Mu are staying over at the NUS library to print all our reading list for the coming semester.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun

Astroboy & Kimoki


Gaming Arena at SME Day

The Pitstop crew had a fun filled afternoon being part of NTU School of Material Engineering (SME) day. Carry bags of boardgames from the cafe, we setup a small gaming arena at the NTU auditorium.

It has been quite sometime since i headed back NTU after graduating a couple of years ago. It was a refreshing sight to see lots of new buildings after a short 3 years while the crowded canteen A brought back memories of my studying days.

The event was really cool. The school committee members organised a whole range of activities. There are stage performances, booths selling all sort of wares, free nail art, henna, caricatures, free waffles and so much more and of course not forgetting the gaming arena set up by Pitstop Cafe.

Anyway we brought quite a few fun games such as Blokus, Galloping Pigs, Poison, Scattergories and even BopIt. It was funny how some of the names of the games were mispelled at the gaming arena. Blokus become Blonkers, Galloping Pigs become Galloping Game while BopIt become Bobit! Kinda of remind me of the label on my dog Rex's shirt...Addidog :D


Blokus, being easy to learn, attracts a few curious onlookers to sit down for a game

The little colored pigs in the game of Galloping Pigs have their own fans

While others like to crack their brains solving the puzzle in Rush Hour

AstroBro and his dearie has a nice booth as well selling cool t-shirts and fashion accessories. They have their online blogsite too where you can find more cool stuff.

Funky apparel and fashion accessories like earings and hairbands

The crew also get to enjoy a sumptuous lunch buffet

The most exciting part of the gaming arena is definitely the BopIt corner. For folks who have been to Pitstop Cafe, you must have seen this interesting toy on our shelf and even tried it before. This time round, the committee manage to set up a kick ass sound system just for this fun toy!

Kimoki performing a sound check on the system. Complete with equaliser and 2 powerful blasters, this is serious stuff!

With the sound system hookup, BopIt really rocks the house! Check out the cool videos!

MJ, vice president of SME won a narrow lead against the other guy who had a pretty good run

Of course MJ was convinced that she could do better and decided to give it another go...

Just like what BopIt would say..."Sorry to say but you gotta do better!"

It has indeed been an enjoyable and fun afternoon. The Pitstop crew would like to thank MJ for the invitation as well as the school committee members who did an excellent job in organising the event!

Pitstop Cafe, we bring the fun to you



Happy Birthday Astroboy!

Pitstop cafe had a satisfying and fun filled afternoon in the NTU MSE day! (more will be updated later)

The Pitstop crew are happily waiting for the new games to come! (more will be updated later)

Even more so, this week will be a crucial week as many exciting things are coming along the way. (more will be updated later)

As we take some time off these exciting stuffs, Pitstop cafe would like to take this opportunity to wish another of our pitstop crew, Astroboy a happy 29th birthday! yes! his birthday is one day after mine!!!!

so do stay tuned.. many exciting stuffs are really coming!

Pitstop cafe, everyday is somebody's birthday!



Happy Birthday Singapore!

Pitstop Cafe will be opening from 12 pm today. So come today for some great fun and yummy good food!

Of course today is also the birthday of one of the Pitstop Crew, Kimoki. So wish him a happy birthday if you see him ok!

Tomorrow operation hours will be as usual. We will start operation at 5 pm.

However we will be having our first cool game arena at NTU in the day from 10.30 am to 3pm. So if you are in NTU, do visit us for some cool fun games...

twist it, pull it, spin it, bop it!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



For Sale

The following items are up for sale at an incredible price. The chairs are only at $10 per piece while the tables are going at $20 per piece.


and Chairs

Great buy! Can put in the hostel as a study table. Add 4 chairs and transform it into a mahjong table. You can also do table top dancing on it if you desire though it is not recommended...

So don't hestiate. If you want a piece of these folks, email or give us a call. Cash and carry on Sunday 13th August. So do come and get them!

Pitstop Cafe, we do sale too



Something about Jenga

Hands up for those who have never heard of the game Jenga before? I believe most would have in fact played it before.

Before i go into the part of getting our Pitstoppers to show you how the game is played, let me share with you more on the game...

According to some websites, Jenga is the second best selling game in the world. I wonder what is the first. Monopoly? It was invented in the early 70s by a Brit named Leslie Scott who lived in Africa for some years. Swahili, a Bantu language widely spoken in East Africa, was her first language. This is how she came up with the name for her game. Jenga is a Swahili word, meaning "to build."

This time round we have two other Pitstoppers, Stephen and Pearlene to show how the game is played.

A set of 54 wooden blocks stacked into a tower of 18 layers. Each layer of the tower consists of three wooden rectangular blocks laid side by side to form a square

On your turn, you choose a block, remove it from the tower and add it to the top, thus building the tower higher (the record is 40 tiers) and making it unstable. Whoever had the last successful move wins!

Initially it is pretty simple as the tower is still low and stable.

No sweat now. both can start pulling out the pieces at almost the same time

Remember, to remove the wooden pieces from the tower, only one hand is allowed.

An honest mistake captured on camera! Pearlene must have been too engross and forgotten about it for a moment

Here is how it should be done...

Obviously, a big part of the strategy is selecting which block to remove. Players carefully try to select a block which doesn't have the weight of the tower on it.

hmmm which piece will be a good move???

Ok here it goes...

The fun part lies not only on your turn, but also when your opponent is making his move. The anticaption that he will cause the fall of the tower...

Come on please topple....

Every move by the opponent is scrutinized...

eh don't gei gei, one hand only hor!

When the tower get too high, you got to get your ass off the comfortable sofa

My favourite part will be the crashing down of the tower. It was come unexpected, gathering screams from those playing it.

Ok the fallen blocks. What's next? Refer back to first picture :)

Jenga, little wooden blocks of fun!

Special thanks to Stephen and Pearlene for the nice poses

Pitstop Cafe, we share the fun



The ABC Soup

Mum really knows how to whip up some good stuffs!!! Offering beyond the usual Campbell, Pitstop Cafe ensures that folks get to try some really exotic soup that you can't get in restaurants and other cafe.

The exotic taste of home.

Though it looks really plain, it is really filled with all kinda goodness

Some say that Homely food, gives people a perceived 'lack of value'. Pitstop cafe beg to differ. Food serves more than just a utilitarian function of filling one's stomach, food also serves as symbols and stimulations for emotional and personal experience.

cooked for hours, using chicken bones, the soup just taste sweet without adding any preservatives

Here in Pitstop cafe, we make sure that the food also reminds you of the warmth and the love of home.

In the words of one of our regular Pitstopper, Huigee," if people feel loved, they will come back"

And indeed, she has returned repeatedly just to try the ABC soup to feel the warmth and love of a home outside her home.

It is so called ABC because it means 'mixed', mixed with cubes of potato, mushroom and other vege.. really healthy!!

So, here you go! the ABC soup..

The taste of home.

Pitstop cafe, it is home.


P.S Huigee! The soup is here! Hurry come down before we gulp it all up again!

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