Gaming Arena at SME Day

The Pitstop crew had a fun filled afternoon being part of NTU School of Material Engineering (SME) day. Carry bags of boardgames from the cafe, we setup a small gaming arena at the NTU auditorium.

It has been quite sometime since i headed back NTU after graduating a couple of years ago. It was a refreshing sight to see lots of new buildings after a short 3 years while the crowded canteen A brought back memories of my studying days.

The event was really cool. The school committee members organised a whole range of activities. There are stage performances, booths selling all sort of wares, free nail art, henna, caricatures, free waffles and so much more and of course not forgetting the gaming arena set up by Pitstop Cafe.

Anyway we brought quite a few fun games such as Blokus, Galloping Pigs, Poison, Scattergories and even BopIt. It was funny how some of the names of the games were mispelled at the gaming arena. Blokus become Blonkers, Galloping Pigs become Galloping Game while BopIt become Bobit! Kinda of remind me of the label on my dog Rex's shirt...Addidog :D


Blokus, being easy to learn, attracts a few curious onlookers to sit down for a game

The little colored pigs in the game of Galloping Pigs have their own fans

While others like to crack their brains solving the puzzle in Rush Hour

AstroBro and his dearie has a nice booth as well selling cool t-shirts and fashion accessories. They have their online blogsite too where you can find more cool stuff.

Funky apparel and fashion accessories like earings and hairbands

The crew also get to enjoy a sumptuous lunch buffet

The most exciting part of the gaming arena is definitely the BopIt corner. For folks who have been to Pitstop Cafe, you must have seen this interesting toy on our shelf and even tried it before. This time round, the committee manage to set up a kick ass sound system just for this fun toy!

Kimoki performing a sound check on the system. Complete with equaliser and 2 powerful blasters, this is serious stuff!

With the sound system hookup, BopIt really rocks the house! Check out the cool videos!

MJ, vice president of SME won a narrow lead against the other guy who had a pretty good run

Of course MJ was convinced that she could do better and decided to give it another go...

Just like what BopIt would say..."Sorry to say but you gotta do better!"

It has indeed been an enjoyable and fun afternoon. The Pitstop crew would like to thank MJ for the invitation as well as the school committee members who did an excellent job in organising the event!

Pitstop Cafe, we bring the fun to you


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