Wanted!!! Pitstop Crew!

Being 'Hands-On-ing' in everything, Pitstop cafe has certainly allowed the Pitstop crew to acculmulate wealth of experience.

From understanding how business is run in terms of publicity, marketing, finances management etc.. to actually doing the menial chores of cooking, washing the dishes and making sure the accounts tally. The Pitstop crew though, at times, felt the fatigue, but has derived a great sense of satisfaction in seeing how Pitstop cafe has actually grown.

In order to bring Pitstop cafe to another level of fun and entertainment, the Pitstop crew would like to call on folks who are interested in becoming part of this big family.

Anyway, here are the charcteristics of a good o' pitstop crew..

Bringing you so much 'MU' to life than you can ever imagine

Putting on a heartwarming smile all the time and also brings smiles to the faces of fellow Pitstoppers. Making sure that fellow Pitstoppers' needs are met and ensure that all of you have a great time at Pitstop cafe

Clockwork efficiency and robotic precision of an Astroboy

Ensuring that things are achieved with the best results, staying focus and always using innovative means to make Pitstop cafe a unique place to be in.

What 'Eve' it happens? what would you do?

Being meticulous and sensitive to micro details, always ensuring that things are done smoothly and orderly. Going the extra mile to interact with fellow pitstoppers, making them feel at home.

'Tim-ing' with energy and whackiness

Neverending wealth of energy and endless orchestra of crap and nonsense to entertain fellow pitstoppers, thus ensuring fellow Pitstoppers to be, well, entertained.

So, if you think you fit any of the above characterstics, do drop us an email and come down for a chat!!!

Pitstop cafe will be even more happening because we have more and more quirky crews!!!!

Pitstop cafe, the more the merrier!



Anonymous said...

How is the pay like? :D

Timothy Boay said...


It would not be appropriate for us to reveal the pay online, especially when you have posted yourself as anonymous. I would suggest that you could perhaps come down personally or give us a call to understand more about the work environment as well as the pay that you would be expecting.

Hope that you find the reply helpful!


Anonymous said...

Hello there, i heard that you guys are looking for part-timers and would like to enquire about the working hours.
Thanks and Regards,


Anonymous said...

hello there, i would like to enquire the working hours and the pay and also if i could choose the hours i want to work. could you kindly email me at prissych@gmail.com as i know that it is not convient to reveal the details here. (: thanks.

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