Something about Jenga

Hands up for those who have never heard of the game Jenga before? I believe most would have in fact played it before.

Before i go into the part of getting our Pitstoppers to show you how the game is played, let me share with you more on the game...

According to some websites, Jenga is the second best selling game in the world. I wonder what is the first. Monopoly? It was invented in the early 70s by a Brit named Leslie Scott who lived in Africa for some years. Swahili, a Bantu language widely spoken in East Africa, was her first language. This is how she came up with the name for her game. Jenga is a Swahili word, meaning "to build."

This time round we have two other Pitstoppers, Stephen and Pearlene to show how the game is played.

A set of 54 wooden blocks stacked into a tower of 18 layers. Each layer of the tower consists of three wooden rectangular blocks laid side by side to form a square

On your turn, you choose a block, remove it from the tower and add it to the top, thus building the tower higher (the record is 40 tiers) and making it unstable. Whoever had the last successful move wins!

Initially it is pretty simple as the tower is still low and stable.

No sweat now. both can start pulling out the pieces at almost the same time

Remember, to remove the wooden pieces from the tower, only one hand is allowed.

An honest mistake captured on camera! Pearlene must have been too engross and forgotten about it for a moment

Here is how it should be done...

Obviously, a big part of the strategy is selecting which block to remove. Players carefully try to select a block which doesn't have the weight of the tower on it.

hmmm which piece will be a good move???

Ok here it goes...

The fun part lies not only on your turn, but also when your opponent is making his move. The anticaption that he will cause the fall of the tower...

Come on please topple....

Every move by the opponent is scrutinized...

eh don't gei gei, one hand only hor!

When the tower get too high, you got to get your ass off the comfortable sofa

My favourite part will be the crashing down of the tower. It was come unexpected, gathering screams from those playing it.

Ok the fallen blocks. What's next? Refer back to first picture :)

Jenga, little wooden blocks of fun!

Special thanks to Stephen and Pearlene for the nice poses

Pitstop Cafe, we share the fun


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