Closed...1 more day to go!

Hey Pitstoppers, please note that Pitstop Cafe will be closed from Monday 14th August to Wednesday 16th August.

We will be reopening on Thursday 17th August

The furniture are still up for grabs.

For any enquiries, you can drop us an email, shout out in the chatbox. If you like to hear our voices, you can also call our chatline at 65355383.

Do check back the blog for more details...

For those who are wondering what has happened to Pitstop Cafe, some say that the cafe is repainting to make space for new drawings while one of the blogger suspected that the closing is due to the Invasion of the Pigs.

I suspect that the crew are just lazy and like to take a short break!

I suspect that I and Mu are staying over at the NUS library to print all our reading list for the coming semester.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun

Astroboy & Kimoki

1 comment:

Eric said...

wow...It certainly look good.Can i reserve 8 chairs and 2 tables?

Would drop by to collect on Thursday


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