The secret's out!!!!

Alright, on a lighter note. let's not bother bout litter bugs and what have you. We all have had enough of such ungracious actions over the past few days in the papers.

Now, I'm gonna leak abit of secret out though.

As to why Pitstop cafe has been closed for 3 days. Many people have been wondering and speculating, now it's time to leak bits of nuggets in the toilet sink.

in the calm surrender...

Aah..what do we have here? complains of Pitstop cafe being too 'dry' and lack of greenery have been the feedbacks for the past few months.

After all, Singapore is known as the Garden City isn't it?

away from the hustle and bustle of the rat race....

Prayers have been answered. We have transplanted some of these gems of nature into the cafe.

And really, nature does wonders. Just few of these bushy greens turn this otherwise dry balcony into a lofty oasis.

a nice cup of coffee amidst nature and a soothing skyline...

What's better! we've moved our two favorite sofa outside, so that you and your folks can just chill and enjoy the starry skyline above or the happening street below.

surprise awaits! boo!

As the balcony doors are sound proofed. This makes the balcony a perfect cosy spot for a private party for 12-15 people. Of course, use of the space is not subjected to any further charges, just that those who have phobia for no aircon might find it slightly too warm for comfort.

presenting to you, the Pitstop balcony. complete with comfortable sofas and your own private space

Nevertheless, the Pitstop balcony has been tried and tested by fellow pitstoppers. Some say its 'comfortable and cosy', while others say it 'feels like a private room' . Whatever it is, do come down to Pitstop cafe and try the balcony!

True to the old saying; ' relak one corner brother, brother!!!'

Well, the secret's out.. well, for now I guess.. but do you think that warrants a 3 day close?

The balcony's but the tip of the ice berg.

I dare say more exciting stuff awaits.

Pitstop cafe, always sharing secrets.


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