Through Pepper and Salt, United We Stand

2 strange folks stumbled upon Pitstop Cafe. Their kind and pretty owner, Nadnut have decided that Pitstop Cafe will be a better home for them...

A pink and white couple, looking lost and afraid

Of course the resident folks at Pitstop Cafe is always ready to help

"Welcome!" shouted one of them

A nice friendly hug will do the trick and sure to make everyone at home

On a side note, for girls that come to Pitstop Cafe and need a hug to feel at home, Kimoki and Astroboy will be glad to help.

Ok back to the story...

and the pink and white couple will no longer be alone but be part of the big happy family at Pitstop Cafe. From then on, got pepper share pepper, got salt share salt...

Yeah, welcome to the big family of Pitstop Cafe. Will introduce you guys to the our Penguin brothers next time

and they live happily ever after...

Nadnut thanks for the gift!

Pitstop Cafe, we are one big happy family


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nadnut said...

no probs. :)

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