The Gaming Experience

It is always very encouraging to hear comments that we explain the board games rules clearly and hence that allow them to enjoy the games even more.

So what exactly goes on at Pitstop Cafe as we increase our board games selection? To us it is more than just buying board games or having the greatest collection of games. It is the Pitstopper's gaming experience that matters the most.

Hence we develop our own unique PITSTOP process to ensure you folks have a fun experience...

P - Preparation
The beginning is always preparation. At this stage we plan the budget and decide on games to buy. Games of different play mechanics are explored to ensure that we have a good mix of games.

For example, the Pitstoppers at the cafe are basically "cruel" folks, they like to play games that can sabo people and so we try to look for games like Saboteur, etc

A new set of games for the cafe

Once we got the games, more work needs to be done!

Laminating cards by cards to ensure the games are well maintain to be enjoyed by all

I - Investigate
Now the the brain draining part begins, understanding the rules of the games! Rule books can easily span over 8 pages. While some are nice to read with beautiful illustrations, there are others that are simpily mind blogging and confusing. Online research are also done to clarify some of the more ambiguious rules.

Days of Wonder have really nice rule books

See how engross Kimoki is when reading it, just like when he is reading his FHM

T - Test
The best way to learn the game is to test it and play as it goes along.

The Pitstop crew testing out the game of Cleopatra and the Society of Architects

S - Story Telling
While we are not really good story tellers, we always try to add and enforce the theme of the game...

"In this game, you are the owner of a train company in US. Your mission is to connect up cities via railway tracks..." - astroboy, Ticket to Ride

"All of you are dwarfs working in a gold mine, some are gold diggers while others just want to sabotage the rest..." - kimoki, Saboteur

Though simple, we believe simple details like this will make the game even more enjoyable.

T - Teach
The next step is to find guinea pigs and try to teach the games to them...

Thanks to Sharon, Thierry and Stupid Genius for trying the new game

O - Observe
Must observe if they enjoy the game or if there is any part of the games that are confusing and require more clarification

Seem like they had a good time!

P - Practice
Like what my ah gong always tells me, practice makes perfect. As we go along, we learn about the games Pitstoppers enjoy and we recommend them to other Pitstoppers too. That was also one of the reason why we did not really see a need for a game list, cos it is not just having a big selection of games, but rather the ability to recommend the right games to the right group.

So don't be wondering how come the crew always so kaypo, come around and check on how's the game going. Cos at Pitstop Cafe, it is not just about playing board games. It is making sure you have a fun gaming expereince!

Pitstop cafe, be part of the fun!


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