We got a Sucker

Recently we bought a straw dispensing box for holding the straws. It is much easier compared to having open the drawer in and out everytime we need to prepare drinks...

This reminds me of an old riddle

Hard hard in, soft soft out. In out in out, juice comes out. What is it?

anyway the box we got is really interesting, check out the picture below...

Our little sucker

While we are out looking for native speakers, perhaps it is now time to form another committee to address the issue of hunting for native writers too. Writing proper english is also important right, otherwise if you don't understand what i am writing then how?

Pitstop Cafe, we serve drinks with a sucker



eve said...

anyway, in case some of u dun understand e riddle, pls ask e pitstop crew when u drop by next time! :)

cityhermit said...

Hmmm... let me guess, starts with letter S ? :-p

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