Can I use the toilet?

Hey guys, I will like to share with you an interesting sign which I have stumbled upon while I was away in Malacca.

Songkok and Tudong

Isn't it interesting how Malacca could differentiate the genders based on their culture. Eg: A person in songkok will be a man while a person in a headscarf will be a woman. Such presentation was definitely refreshing to my friends and I but the sign was misleading too. Upon seeing the sign, my friends were wondering if they could enter the toilet because they were not wearing tudong. ( sounds silly it might be but that was the initial reaction they had!)Nonetheless, they entered.

The sign might just be a simple toilet sign. However, it shed some light on some issues.
1) A toilet sign can summarize perfectly the culture of a country. For instance, through the sign, one can definitely gather that Malacca is a predominant Muslim populated state. That probably explains why tudong and songkok are used to represent the genders.

2) However, such representation might alienate the foreigners or non-Muslims because they do not practice the same culture.

That's all.

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StupidGenius said...

Erm... I am not sure, but I think Malacca is 1 of the few Malaysian states that are more Chinese than Muslims. One of the leaders of the Chinese opposition parties lives there oso.

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