We got grade A

The Pitstop Cafe blog is relative unknown to many. I guess our blog is not be really newsworthy or controversial, which is why we do not really attract any attention among the local media.

Hence, we are glad to share some good news with you folks. The cafe blogsite has surprisingly got attention from overseas instead. Our site is listed as one of the Best Restaurant and Cafe Blogs in an Australian website!

"Pitstop Cafe in Singapore. Nice use of customer photos. Also check the way they use modern 'social networking' services to gather friends and fans" - A

Hey there is grading somemore, and we got grade A! Of course when i was little my mum will say "aiyo why other people get A+, you get only A...."

Anyway it was a pity that they do not provide a link to a badge that we could include in our site, something like this...

Pajama Market Small Business Blog of the Day
Another feature on our cafe blog from Janesville, Wisconsin

Personally i am very happy about it. It kinda of remind me about my poly days when having your own homepage is a big deal because no one really understand it. We have to hand code everything in notepad. Even simple things like bolding your text or adding a hyperlink in your homepage seems so cool. Other silly things that occupy those days includes using finger to get the user information just to find out the name of that cute girl that sits at the 2nd table on last row of the lab...

Yeah i know, i am digressing. Is feeling nostalgic the sign of old age?

Pitstop Cafe, a grade A cafe


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Anonymous said...

wooT! congrats on the grade A~!! a very deserving one in fact.

talking about coding HTML in notepad gives me the creeps.

wait a minute, does that mean i'm old too?

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