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When it comes to boardgaming, the impression that most have will be that it is dominated by nerdy and geeky folks like me. Yet to our surprise, over 75% of the membership holders are ladies!

When come to boardgaming, these ladies are no push over. Folks like nadnut totally smoke out the guys in a negotiation game like "I'm the Boss". Some even represent Pitstop Cafe to take part in a board game competition!

So for this month the Pitstop Crew has work hard to find a good deal for all you Pitstopgers. We have a special tie up with Mani Pedi to give you girls a treat. Show your Pitstop mini and get 15% discount for spending above $21!

More about Mani Pedi

ManiPedi is, by far, the largest nail grooming outlet situated in the heart of Boat Quay. With a spacious manicure/ pedicure area, it is an ideal location for fun family day escapes, ladies night out and corporate events.

Cool place for a manicure!

The newly set up accessories corner promises to make nail grooming an even more pleasurable experience. So, call them at 6536-7786 today for more information about packages, gift vouchers or group escapes.

So girls if you enjoy manicure or pedicure like Evelyn, do head down and enjoy this treat. It is just across the road from Pitstop Cafe. For guys, it is a good chance for you and your girlfriend to spend some quality grooming time together!

Hope you folks enjoy these little additional perks of been a Pitstop Cafe member. It has definitely not been easy for us in sourcing for these tied ups. However we know that these little gestures will be something that you folks will appreciate.

Any merchants who like to offer great deals to our Pitstoppers, do drop us an email for more details!

Special thanks to Mani Pedi for the support and do check back for more exciting deals!

Pitstop Cafe, we do more for you


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Not fair!! Astroboy buaya!!!!

hahahahaha..... :P

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