Penguin offsprings

Ever since the failed invasion of the penguins, they have served as P.O.W at Pitstop Cafe for a couple of months and they are really doing a good job! The folks here really enjoy the service rendered by these penguins and were even asking for their personal penguin.

Of course at Pitstop Cafe, we always hear feedbacks and try our best to fulfilled them. However getting these penguins are no easy feat consider the long swim down here from the artic oceans. Hence we try to see if we can make them to breed and multiply over here at Pitstop Cafe...

but gan and gan how to breed? This ain't Jurassic Park!

The penguins here are pretty straight and hence we got to bring in the chio chio penguin to get the action going...

Wah really c&c, cute and chio...

Seem like having a bit of intimate close contact might prove difficult for these folks...

More research has to be done to make them breed!




But none since to work. Finally we tried the Double Inverted Eiffel Tower Technique; head joined, one penguin slowly levitates vertically above the other....

Double Inverted Eiffel Tower, sound familar?

And yes it works! We are proud to present the first offspring of the penguins!

Young handsome penguin, still freshly covered in his shell...

Nice family photo. Some say he looks more like his dad...

So yes, these penguins are available to be adopted by you. They will render their friendly services to you, making sure you get 8 glasses of water daily to keep you fresh and healthy!

They are going for only $25.00 per set.

Pitstop Members gets 10% discount!

if you have added our blog sticker on your website, get another 5% more discount!

So come to Pitstop Cafe and grab this fabulous deal now!

Pitstop Cafe, handsome penguins for adoption



Jolene said...

Hi Astroboy, I would like to adopt 1 but i'm not sure when i'll be going down to Pitstop again so how? I did add yr blog sticker to my blog. www.jolenechng.blogspot.com.

Anonymous said...

Haha... Funny Blog entry... Keep it up. =)


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