A Big Thank You

It has been a week since Eve and my b'dae has passed. We defintely had enjoyed our birthdays. The guys gave each of us a Fossil watch. Thank you guys. Astromum treated the gals to a birthday meal. Thank you Astromum. Many Pistoppers dropped Eve and me a B'dae greeting not only at the shout-box but at the cafe too. It was sweet of you all :) Thank you. Not forgetting, our new part-timers who gave us Chicken wings. Thank you too.

Most importantly, we had pleasant surprises from Jolene and Alex ( Pitstoppers as well). Jolene sent each of us a birthday card which was delivered promptly.

The Lovely Bdae Cards from Jolene


Famous Amos Cookies from Alex

Eve and me were really touched.

Thank you once again to those who brightened up our birthdays in different ways...

Pitstop Cafe, a great place to have fun.


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