A Pitstop for Stars

Over the months, we have people asking us, 'so are there any stars who visited Pitstop cafe?'.

As a matter of fact, I have mentioned before that all you folks are our stars in Pitstop cafe! Some can play settlers of catan in 15 mins, some can eat chicken chop for 2 hrs, some can play Jenga until drink up the whole penguin and some can even mistook the kitchen for toilet....

indeed, Pitstop cafe is a place full of wonderful and interesting people.. each a star in their own rights...

However, like the meteor shower, Pitstop cafe has been extremely bright and starry for the past few days.Take a look below and you will know why.

with all these lights, of course it is bright

They brought their own lights as they find pitstop cafe too dim

wah lau..order two drinks only need so much light

Ahh..as we can see, it's not just the lights.. its some familiar faces...

oi..say you look famiiliar only lah..dun look so shock

Yes, Pitstop cafe played host to the crew for the Mediacorp serial Chase. It was a fun filled afternoon having seen how TV production works... we could almost memorise the script already...

Say u familiar also dun have to be so defensive right?

Of course, the Pitstop crew had a bit of chance to hit the small screens.. Finally I can say I am a celebrity also....

No.. no..Im the not the dog! Well, Astrodog, REX got a chance to play Joanne Peh's dog, 'Fluffy'.. how fluffy is he?

ahh..here you go, Timothy as 'the waiter'

Damn, this waiter is giving me a headache.. why need so many takes just to pass a bill?!!

So there you go.. Pitstop cafe has now been smeared by the presence of these stars. Joanne Peh has sat on the toilet bowl, Utt lied on the sofa, Joanne Peh ate the chicken chop, Utt drank the coffee...

Do as the stars do! make your reservation and seat on the seats that the star seats! (wow..that's really a tongue twister)

This is the sofa that Utt lied on

It has been fun working with the crew, and even more encouraging to hear some of the celebrities saying that 'this place is so cool!' think, we will come here next time and play boardgames rather than just drink, drink and drink

Yes, of course..Pitstop cafe is the place where even celebrities wanna be part of the fun

Ezann Lee and Co.

Carol, Joanne and the Pitstop Mu

Max, Utt and the Pitstop crew

Remember! come and be smeared by their presence!

Pitstop cafe, Utt lied on the sofa and Joanne ate the chicken chop.

Timothy(finally got time to blog)


astroboy said...

Like to thank everyone for sharing the fun and recommending Pitstop Cafe to your friends!

aislin said...

i was there on the day when ezann lee and co was there too...

and i will be going there again TOMORROW!!!

eve said...

Joanne peh ate the fish & chips

Anonymous said...

GOSH... Joanne Peh... Chio... =P Anyway, any Halloween Special? Haha.. Will be nice if Pitstop can incorporate special occasions such as Halloween Games day or Christmas Special...


Paladinw said...

Eh great to c Pitstop getting filmed! Which Episode! Must watch man! Can we get a screening at the cafe?

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