Pitstop blog sticker!

Yeah we got a Pitstop blog sticker!

Pitstop Board Games Cafe Singapore. Be part of the fun

If you had a wonderful great time at Pitstop Cafe, do support us by putting this sticker in your sidebar to tell your friends about this site ok!

Just add the following snippet to place the sticker to your website.

In return we will give you lots of hugs and kisses...

We will create a list of Pitstoppers who have blogsites and it will be cool to blog hop around and check out fellow Pitstoppers blog!

But wait, there is more...

We will add another 10 Pitstop Dollar to your personal vault! Simply leave a comment or email us stating your blogsite as well as your unique Pitstopper ID.

Of course most regular Pitstoppers have been asking the crew,
But what the heck are those Pitstop Dollars good for?

That is indeed a very good question...

Pitstop Cafe, we also have stickers hor!



Eriol said...

Blogsite is http://plue.blogspot.com
Pitstopper ID is 00079 =X

You people are always so creative =P

so... what are the Pitstop dollars for? =x

Anonymous said...

Mr Smith

Anonymous said...

Ying Hua

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thx for using our form generator
formlogix.com team.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pitstoppers,

Nice sticker! I've added your sticker to my blog.

You may like to publicise your blog at ping.sg which is a blog aggregator for bloggers.

Talentpreneur said...

:) added to youthenterprise@blogspot.com

heh finally got around to doing it

Tempest Blue said...

Added your sticker to my blog! See you guys soon!

Pitstopper 00130


StupidGenius said...

i put liao. But hor, abit long leh. maybe it will be good if you have a few stickers of various designs to chose from. You can even ask pp to submit their designs to you and acceptable 1 can have more pitstop dollars. :P

Pitstopper 00108

de-novo said...

hi guys, just became a member yesterday!

and just put up the pitstop sticker/link on my sidebar ...


pitstopper 00323


hatredgal said...



kunshinji said...

w00tz!!! Just became a member!


I'm member number 00426!

it's such a nice number, all 4 digits are my favourite numbers. XD

- Derrick, D'Pitstopper

SaSa said...

I have added the sticker to my blog already. However I have no idea whgere to find the ID number.


Me and friends are planning to pop by there tomorrow or wednesday night for chill out..


My blogsite is: http://asirt.blogspot.com

Jonnie said...

pitstopper 00542 @ jonnie84.blogspot.com reporting in!

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