Playmates, we play together

Working at Pitstop Crew can be tough at times. You need to know lots of stuff like teach games, prepare drinks, wash dishes, substitue as the water penguin and so on. Ok forget about the last one.

The only incentives is to look foward to is some girls coming up in wet tees which by the way have not happened. So the next best thing to do is to play games among ourselves....

and you better be good with the games, else loser get his legs open and drag towards the nearest pillar...kidding lar, you think we siao siboh? Then again, dragging people with legs open, banging on the tree is pretty popular during my teenage time. Is it still the trend? Kinda of fun as long as you are not the one been drag.

Ok, i digress. Anyway loser has to do the boring chores...

A face off between Smith Gopal and Aziz in the game of hungry hippo

i swallow...

Some are better at doing it...

Look at my balls!

Suay lar, balls so small also can lose!

lan lan have to wash lor...

Of course we have play lots of other games too. The favourite one that four of us like to play with the crew is called "Simon says"...

Simon says you go and wash the dishes...

As all of you can see from the lovely smile beaming of happiness, he definitely enjoys playing this game!

Pitstop Cafe, folks that play together stay together...


Sidenote: for those who has following the blog might notice that Tim has blog less due to his current study committment, but he will be back soon! On my side, some of my entries are becoming more direct and less filter. i always have fear about writing in this style on the cafe blog as readers may have a wrong or bad impression of the cafe just base on the view points of individuals, which i think is unfair to the rest of the team. What are your thoughts on this?


Its a Small Small World

At Pitstop Cafe, you never know who you meet and who you get to know. It seems like once upon a time, one of crew Smith actually know one of our regular Pitstopper, Nadia. In fact he even has a classic photo shoot of our lovely Nadia, where go so coincident one? Better than friendster leh...

From Smith's blog:

"Since the day i start visiting pitstop till the day i start to work at pitstop n till now i cant help to but notice that there is this disturbing shrine of photos near the entrance.. and for those who visit pitstop and start to look around while waiting to be seated or waiting for bills shld have notice it as well.. there is this tiny cutie lady who looks like 15+ yrs old and nag like a 51 yrs old.. yes.. she is none other den our pitstop "lao jiao" and famous nadnut.."

Pitstop Cafe, where everyone is connected...


Attitude Problem Solved

Recently we have feedback on attitude issues at Pitstop Cafe. Feedback doesn't mean just lovely-dovey ok! We need to discuss serious things very seriously. Hence i think that we should addressed this issue and have a response for this.

Taking a leaf from the ingenious "Flag the Bus Early" campaign, we will launch a million dollar "Mind over Matter" campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to brainwash educate the folks at Pitstop Cafe to accept our attitude. After all, if they don't mind, it doesn't matter. Of course the successful launch of this million dollar project is pending the results of the upcoming Toto draw.

In the meantime we will try to find out who is the one with the attitude issue. It is definitely not an easy job. Been deprive of any decent awards for the crew, everyone is trying to lay their hands on this attitude award. The situation can be really messy.

To make matter worse, we are also unable to identify the folk that could give us clarification on this issue. Then again, like some wise folk has said, "The identity is not important. It is the message that is important". So we need to dig out other evidence....

After ransacking the cafe, other than a Imaginiff board game vandalised with permanent markers, spew of cigarette butts and mentos wrappers along the stairway, and a couple of missing photos, there wasn't much evidence we could work on.

We have no choice but to put everyone through our in house lie detecting machine...a game of Truth? or Fib?!

We finally find out who the folk is....
new pix 050
Eh who you saying attitude? Any problem talk to my knife!

Sorry mum, i mean good attitude...

Pitstop Cafe, got attitude meh? Good attitude is it?


This entry was written to look at the issue from the lighter side of things. It does not mean that we offer the best service and no fault is on our side. In fact we do realise that many a times, we could do things better but we realise that it might not be possible to please everyone all the time. Nevertheless, we do take note of these feedbacks and will constantly try to improve ourselves to ensure everyone enjoy their time at Pitstop Cafe. Thanks again for all your feedback and support!


Trivial Detour of the Day

We are trying to post some trivial questions every now and then for all you Pitstoppers to take part and have some fun. Here it goes...

Have you come across news reporting on TV on a court case? They always have a color graphical representation of the court scene illustrate by some artist.

Why don't they use a digital camera and take the picture? How come at this age, they still need someone to illustrate the court scene?

Anyone has the answer to this trivial question? Just leave your comments here.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun



Spot the movies!

Pitstop Cafe is about having fun and of course on our blog, we like to bring fun to you whenever possible. Below is an interesting composite image that contains 100 hidden movies. How many movies can you find?

Spot the 100 movies
Click on the picture to enlarge it

So if you spot any movie in the picture, just leave a comment and see how many movies can all of you spot together. Have fun!

Update: For those who like to find out the answer, click here!
Thanks to veron for sharing this interesting illustration.

Pitstop Cafe, bringing the fun to you!



Chinese New Year Outing

The Pitstop Crew sure knows how to take a well deserved rest after a year of hard work. Other than the usual session of Bowling and 'Harm' eating, the younger crews decided to hit the clubs and indulge in some kinda serious partying and hardcore drinking.

Pitstop Cafe pix 001
Carolin, the hip hop queen

Pitstop Cafe pix 003
Timothy, the always got no girls

Pitstop Cafe pix
Kok Ann the over qualified

Pitstop Cafe pix 002
Mu, the finally get to club

Pitstop Cafe pix 004
Tommy, the potential husband material

And of course our choiced venue was Ministry of Sound over at clarke Quay! (nope nope.. nope advetising for them) Why? cuz in case anyone of us dropped dead drunk, we could still carry em' to bunk over at Pitstop cafe! So now you know, no where to go before clubbing? can always come to Pitstop cafe for your pre-clubbing session!

Pitstop Cafe pix 021
Pitstop crew always part of the fun!

Everyone's all dressed to the nines and geared up to hit the dance floor. Kok Ann is so excited cuz it's his first clubbing experience. And when asked if he is goin to get any girls... His quote of the day is: ill just get high and see what happens

yeah... i feel so happy to club

oh man...Tommy's face is getting really red

And of course, not forgetting our hip hop queen, Carolin. She is all geared to hit the dance floor and polish those lyrics of hers. A pity that she carried a big bag with her and the baggage counter is full... bahahaha.. club with a bag...how unglam.

I think we look more stoned than cool

And we have our Mr Tommy,it is a rare sight to spot him in clubs especially he is such a potential house husband material. When asked what do you think of the girls? he proclaimed: 'I hope I can find my true love there!'

we hope we get picked up

Not forgetting Mu, who was finally happy, cuz Timothy finally allowed her to club with him. Haha..serve you girls right for being so vain... with that tight belt of hers, she could hardly breath and even secretly hid at a corner to take off her belt when no one's looking. Bahaha

I'll definately get picked up

Ah...and Timothy, who is obviously not too happy clubbing under the peering eyes of Mu. But still, manages to just numb himself with bottles and mugs of beer. And again, he was also not too happy cuz once again he has no girls picking him up. Not happy at all.

wonder if she will pick me up?

Nevertheless, the quintet lived with whatever discomforts, ideals and unhappiness they have throughout the night. After rounds of finger guessing game with a long island tea, 10 mugs of beer, the folks were finally loosening up. You can see Kok Ann 's hips don't lie, Carolin's chain hang low, Tommy dip it low, Mu man eating and Timothy still looking at That Girl!

wow! we look like those happening folks in juice magazine!

After hours of clubbing, the folks decided to go home...damn, just when I was getting high, they want to leave! My goodness... this is terrible!

Those two guys seem satisfied. Damn! did they get picked up?

It was a fun night after all, and it was indeed a fun experience to be a pitstop crew. You get ang pow, get featured and you get to club ... this is what Pitstop cafe is all about! Be part of the fun!

We want to sleep! We want to go home!

So there you are folks, interested in joining us for our next clubbing session or maybe jio us to club also can. Timothy will be the most willing to join you!

Pitstop cafe, play boardgames before you club.

then what about me?


Happy Chinese New Year

Pitstop Cafe would like to wish all Pitstoppers a Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year and may it be full of fun and laughter.

Of course what is chinese new year without ang baos? The 4 of us are glad that this year we are giving ang baos to our growing family, the Pitstop Crew!

Chris, one of our new Pitstop Crew. Tim you gotta start introducing them to the rest of the Pitstoppers too!

Wah, sure or not got so big???

So for all the rest of the Pitstop Crew who have not got the ang baos, drop by at Pitstop Cafe while stock last.

We would like to take the opportunity to say thanks to all the Pitstop Crew who has been working hard at the cafe. You have started from customers, to Pitstoppers, and now part of the Pitstop Cafe family! Really appreciate all the passion that you guys have put into your job!

Aynyway Happy New Year everyone. I guess all of you must have collected alot of ang baos right? So do drop by at Pitstop Cafe for a celebration! :)

We will be open from 12pm to 11pm for tomorrow 20th Feb and whats more even though its a public holiday, we will still be having our members night just for all you Pitstoppers! So do drop by at Pitstop Cafe to start your new year with a healthy dose of fun and laughter!

Pitstop Cafe, a big happy family...



Festive hours 2

Please note that Pitstop Cafe will be closed from 17th Feb (Sat) to 19th Feb (Mon) for Chinese New Year celebrations.

Pitstop cafe will resume operation on 20th Feb (Tues)

Tuesday is a public holiday! The operating hours are from 12pm -11pm!

collecting ang pow still more profitable!

Pitstop cafe, give us Ang Pow leh


How Water Penguin Works

Folks that come to Pitstop Cafe always seem to be amaze by the water penguin. How did the tub of water get to the top of the penguin head without spilling the water? That seems like a burining question for some Pitstoppers...

Every now and then, sure got some folks who like to plug out the tub of water from the penguin head to figure out how it work. There are some who feel that Mr Penguin is not serving out the water fast enough and hence decide to lift up the tub to see if it working....

So what happen when you lift up the tub??? Water spill out lar!

One of those curious folks, already warn him that the water will spill out...

Will spill out meh? I lift abit, never leh...

See water spill out liao lar...

So please trust me on this.When water spill out, there are only 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1: You wet our board games and that is a bad bad idea. Our board games prefer to be dry. We try to keep our board games well maintain. When you play board games, you want it to look new, nice and clean right? So does the rest of our Pitstoppers. Please help us with this ok!

Scenario 2: You wet yourself. I remember seeing someone wearing a tee that says "This tshirt looks good when wet". Looking at the sex ratio of our Pitstoppers, I think i can live with this scenario.

Anyway the best is none of the above scenarios. The water is meant to stay in the tub, on the penguin head. So to prevent further spills, let me help by answer this burning question of how the water penguins work.

First you fill up the tub with water or whatever juice you like. Water is good as it keeps the tub clean.

Dun see it small, can hold quite abit of water

The tub can hold sufficient water for a group of 6 and we think it is a great idea so that you always have water when you want it instead of waiting for the staffs to get it for you.

Then screw it tight with the cap and the rubber covering in place

A mighty little prick

See that short little prick? That is the most important part of the head. When you invert the tub and push it in, the prick will penetrate the hole and water will flow into the penguin's body. So just give a gentle squeeze on the tap and the water will flow into your glass. That part is sensitive, try not to squeeze too hard. Otherwise it will result in a leaking penguin and we have to call in the vet.

This is how it looks like when the prick penetrate the hole

The water penguin, ready to serve you guys

So as you can imagine, lifting the tub will cause the water in the tub to flow out continuously from the hole resulting in heavy flow...

So remember don't lift up the tub, always hold it with one hand at the body another hand on the top . If you really have to lift it up to experience how cool our water penguins are, please put it on your lap and hold it close to your heart...

Pitstop Cafe, don't lift the water tub


Post Valentine Day Update

"We had a great time celebrating our V day in a different way this year. It was my hb's first time to be at Pitstop. Initially, he was hesitant in going. After we left, he told me we should come here more often. haha..." Poohchim

Thanks for the note and we are really happy that Pitstop Cafe has provide you guys with a different experience this year and that you guys like it!

Thanks to Han and Karen as well for sharing their Valentine Day celebration at Pitstop Cafe on their blog too.

Pitstop Cafe, the place for all occassion



Valentine Day Special

Happy Valentine Day to everyone!

Alot of folks have been asking about any special on Valentine Day. We do not have any special package, but the girls are coming up with a nice desert set just for today.

There is also a limited sets of homemade heart shaped brownie specially design for couples. Top with ice cream and fresh strawberries, it is the perfect way to have a sweet and memorable Valentine.

So do check with the crew for details.

We will be also reserving a few tables to try out a new concept for the day. The concept is simple. Let us know if you would mind other groups joining your group. If all is well and good, it will be a fun knowing new friends and having fun.

So doesn't matter you are singles, couple, gay, lesbian, or what have you. Just come to Pitstop Cafe this Valentine. You never know, it could be your lucky day.

Pitstop Cafe, just come and have fun lar



Sweet dreams are made of this

I am not sure if i'm been stressed out lately, or if there is too much on my mind, or even perhaps it is the new marriage life trauma of not having a honeymoon? It seem like i am having lots of dreams lately but too bad, its the dry type...

The worst part is that i had been shouting out in my dreams...

Eve this morning was asking: "eh what is mango special"

Astro: "what mango special???"

Eve: "how i know? you are shouting it out in your sleep last night! When i push you, you just reply mango special..."

Astro: "?????"

I been cracking my head but just couldn't recall what i dreamt and what the fufu is a mango special? Perhaps i meant Valentine day special? I don't know, perhaps it is the prelude to something special coming up???

Pitstop cafe, got special, you want?



We got Pinged!

I just realised Pitstop Cafe just got "pinged" by the folks from ping.sg who came to the cafe for their first outing.

So what exactly is ping.sg?

"Ping.sg is a meta blog for Singapore bloggers. It aims to create a comprehensive and thorough database for blog entries written by local bloggers and/or with local interest. ping.sg also aims to create online community for Singapore bloggers to interact and gives every single blogger the same chance to stand out above the rest." - ping.sg

astroboy loves all this web database programming stuff!

Since Pitstop Cafe is part of the blogsphere, we really appreciate what they are trying to achieve for local bloggers. Clap clap clap!

Anyway I am not sure if ping.sg consider us as local bloggers since their policy is no commercial blogs. Are we a commercial blog? Perhaps, read this and this. But i guess we are more of a hybrid.

Oh ya where was i??? Orrr, ya like to say a big thank you to the folks at ping.sg for choosing to hold their first meetup at Pitstop Cafe! These folks ping (visit) us and hopefully they are pong back with a healthy dose of laughter at Pitstop Cafe.

The pingers first outing at Pitstop Cafe

Hope you guys had a good time at Pitstop! Once again i think i missed to find out who exactly DK was as i was not around.

DK is among the first few readers to have visit our blog and leave comments since way back when we first started the blog, but never visited the place till pass august last year...

In my impression i do know that he played ticket to ride before, he borrow our games before and he was at the cafe again at the ping outing. I only realise it after i read his blog and hence till now I fail to put a face to this nick!

Gotta catch you next time!

Pitstop Cafe, ganna pinged!



New Games Update

Pitstop Cafe has just got in some really fun games. This month, we have add another 10 games to our growing library of board games and more will be coming your way...

New Games

1. Cartagena
2. Cloud 9
3. Haunting House
4. Megastar
5. Betrayal House on the Hill
6. Tower of Babel
7. Hey That's My Fish
8. Gift Trap
9. Kill Dr Lucky
10. BattleLore

Of course apart from these games, do check out other popular games like Bang, Ticket to Ride, Sequence and so much more. Check out our game list for a listing of all the games at Pitstop Cafe.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



Bike Quest 2007

Time flies, a year has past since the last bike quest and this year we are happy to be part of NUS annual bike quest again!

Perhaps its Pitstop Cafe "secretive location" and its long flight of stairs that makes it an interesting checkpoint for the bike quest which involves teams visiting different locations throughout the island of Singapore.

lots of bikes, seem like it is not too hard to find

and helmets too

seem like an International event!

Of course it is not simply locating Pitstop Cafe, they got to get pass some challenges in the balcony before they are able to proceed to the next checkpoint.


A game of Taboo...

and its time to plan for the next checkpoint

Like the previous bike quest, there always seem to have a snapshot of someone cute around...

one of the committee member

Of course I was excited as well as i was told by Tim that there will be redbull girls. The images of girls at car shows come to my mind...high heel boots, short skirts and tight tops...

The red bull girls and Eve, Pitstop chiobull

Not exactly what i expected but nevertheless these 2 gorgeous red bull girls brought smiles and energy to the cafe with their bagload of red bull drinks!

All in all, it was fun to be part of the bike quest event afterall it isn't everyday you have loads of folks running up and down the long flight of staircase. So if you guys are organising any interesting events and would like our involvement, drop us an email!

Pitstop Cafe be part of the fun.


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