Chinese New Year Outing

The Pitstop Crew sure knows how to take a well deserved rest after a year of hard work. Other than the usual session of Bowling and 'Harm' eating, the younger crews decided to hit the clubs and indulge in some kinda serious partying and hardcore drinking.

Pitstop Cafe pix 001
Carolin, the hip hop queen

Pitstop Cafe pix 003
Timothy, the always got no girls

Pitstop Cafe pix
Kok Ann the over qualified

Pitstop Cafe pix 002
Mu, the finally get to club

Pitstop Cafe pix 004
Tommy, the potential husband material

And of course our choiced venue was Ministry of Sound over at clarke Quay! (nope nope.. nope advetising for them) Why? cuz in case anyone of us dropped dead drunk, we could still carry em' to bunk over at Pitstop cafe! So now you know, no where to go before clubbing? can always come to Pitstop cafe for your pre-clubbing session!

Pitstop Cafe pix 021
Pitstop crew always part of the fun!

Everyone's all dressed to the nines and geared up to hit the dance floor. Kok Ann is so excited cuz it's his first clubbing experience. And when asked if he is goin to get any girls... His quote of the day is: ill just get high and see what happens

yeah... i feel so happy to club

oh man...Tommy's face is getting really red

And of course, not forgetting our hip hop queen, Carolin. She is all geared to hit the dance floor and polish those lyrics of hers. A pity that she carried a big bag with her and the baggage counter is full... bahahaha.. club with a bag...how unglam.

I think we look more stoned than cool

And we have our Mr Tommy,it is a rare sight to spot him in clubs especially he is such a potential house husband material. When asked what do you think of the girls? he proclaimed: 'I hope I can find my true love there!'

we hope we get picked up

Not forgetting Mu, who was finally happy, cuz Timothy finally allowed her to club with him. Haha..serve you girls right for being so vain... with that tight belt of hers, she could hardly breath and even secretly hid at a corner to take off her belt when no one's looking. Bahaha

I'll definately get picked up

Ah...and Timothy, who is obviously not too happy clubbing under the peering eyes of Mu. But still, manages to just numb himself with bottles and mugs of beer. And again, he was also not too happy cuz once again he has no girls picking him up. Not happy at all.

wonder if she will pick me up?

Nevertheless, the quintet lived with whatever discomforts, ideals and unhappiness they have throughout the night. After rounds of finger guessing game with a long island tea, 10 mugs of beer, the folks were finally loosening up. You can see Kok Ann 's hips don't lie, Carolin's chain hang low, Tommy dip it low, Mu man eating and Timothy still looking at That Girl!

wow! we look like those happening folks in juice magazine!

After hours of clubbing, the folks decided to go home...damn, just when I was getting high, they want to leave! My goodness... this is terrible!

Those two guys seem satisfied. Damn! did they get picked up?

It was a fun night after all, and it was indeed a fun experience to be a pitstop crew. You get ang pow, get featured and you get to club ... this is what Pitstop cafe is all about! Be part of the fun!

We want to sleep! We want to go home!

So there you are folks, interested in joining us for our next clubbing session or maybe jio us to club also can. Timothy will be the most willing to join you!

Pitstop cafe, play boardgames before you club.

then what about me?

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