Playmates, we play together

Working at Pitstop Crew can be tough at times. You need to know lots of stuff like teach games, prepare drinks, wash dishes, substitue as the water penguin and so on. Ok forget about the last one.

The only incentives is to look foward to is some girls coming up in wet tees which by the way have not happened. So the next best thing to do is to play games among ourselves....

and you better be good with the games, else loser get his legs open and drag towards the nearest pillar...kidding lar, you think we siao siboh? Then again, dragging people with legs open, banging on the tree is pretty popular during my teenage time. Is it still the trend? Kinda of fun as long as you are not the one been drag.

Ok, i digress. Anyway loser has to do the boring chores...

A face off between Smith Gopal and Aziz in the game of hungry hippo

i swallow...

Some are better at doing it...

Look at my balls!

Suay lar, balls so small also can lose!

lan lan have to wash lor...

Of course we have play lots of other games too. The favourite one that four of us like to play with the crew is called "Simon says"...

Simon says you go and wash the dishes...

As all of you can see from the lovely smile beaming of happiness, he definitely enjoys playing this game!

Pitstop Cafe, folks that play together stay together...


Sidenote: for those who has following the blog might notice that Tim has blog less due to his current study committment, but he will be back soon! On my side, some of my entries are becoming more direct and less filter. i always have fear about writing in this style on the cafe blog as readers may have a wrong or bad impression of the cafe just base on the view points of individuals, which i think is unfair to the rest of the team. What are your thoughts on this?

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