Happy Chinese New Year

Pitstop Cafe would like to wish all Pitstoppers a Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year and may it be full of fun and laughter.

Of course what is chinese new year without ang baos? The 4 of us are glad that this year we are giving ang baos to our growing family, the Pitstop Crew!

Chris, one of our new Pitstop Crew. Tim you gotta start introducing them to the rest of the Pitstoppers too!

Wah, sure or not got so big???

So for all the rest of the Pitstop Crew who have not got the ang baos, drop by at Pitstop Cafe while stock last.

We would like to take the opportunity to say thanks to all the Pitstop Crew who has been working hard at the cafe. You have started from customers, to Pitstoppers, and now part of the Pitstop Cafe family! Really appreciate all the passion that you guys have put into your job!

Aynyway Happy New Year everyone. I guess all of you must have collected alot of ang baos right? So do drop by at Pitstop Cafe for a celebration! :)

We will be open from 12pm to 11pm for tomorrow 20th Feb and whats more even though its a public holiday, we will still be having our members night just for all you Pitstoppers! So do drop by at Pitstop Cafe to start your new year with a healthy dose of fun and laughter!

Pitstop Cafe, a big happy family...


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