Spot the movies!

Pitstop Cafe is about having fun and of course on our blog, we like to bring fun to you whenever possible. Below is an interesting composite image that contains 100 hidden movies. How many movies can you find?

Spot the 100 movies
Click on the picture to enlarge it

So if you spot any movie in the picture, just leave a comment and see how many movies can all of you spot together. Have fun!

Update: For those who like to find out the answer, click here!
Thanks to veron for sharing this interesting illustration.

Pitstop Cafe, bringing the fun to you!



aislin said...

da vinci code
scorpion king
night at the musuem
the hills have eyes
toy story
big foot
a shark's tale
casino royale
car crash
phone booth
Saw 2
The rock
Thirteen ghosts

Hahaha just having fun. I'm bad with such games.. :)

cityhermit said...


gwen said...

i saw mona lisa smile
step up?
is there a chicken run?
runaway bride

Carolinz said...

shall we dance?

Carolinz said...

four weddings and a funeral?

Carolinz said...

twister (bill paxton n helen hunt)
the rock (nic cage)
monkeybone (brendon fraser)
tuxedo? (jackie chan)
taxi (queen latifah)
domino (keira knightley)

just making a guess... anyhow ah...
oh, is the bike something to do with!!!!!!!!!!


Jon said...

Napoleon Dynamite
The Clockwork Orange
Broken Arrow
Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels
Cradle 2 The Grave
Red Dragon

Er.. Superman? Stealth? Lucky Number Slevin?

Les Miserables???

cityhermit said...

the thin red line?

Anonymous said...

Bend it like Beckham..
Pink Panther??
Broken Arrow...

Jessica said...


21 grams
Big Fish
Triple X
The Crow
A Clockwork Orange (with some help from google)

Anonymous said...

Dances With Wolves
The Flight of The Red Balloon
Green eggs And Ham
one Hour Photo
American Graffiti
The lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe
Bad Santa
Castle In The Sky/Kingdom of Heaven
The Pink Panther
Police Academy
That's all I got...

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