Sweet dreams are made of this

I am not sure if i'm been stressed out lately, or if there is too much on my mind, or even perhaps it is the new marriage life trauma of not having a honeymoon? It seem like i am having lots of dreams lately but too bad, its the dry type...

The worst part is that i had been shouting out in my dreams...

Eve this morning was asking: "eh what is mango special"

Astro: "what mango special???"

Eve: "how i know? you are shouting it out in your sleep last night! When i push you, you just reply mango special..."

Astro: "?????"

I been cracking my head but just couldn't recall what i dreamt and what the fufu is a mango special? Perhaps i meant Valentine day special? I don't know, perhaps it is the prelude to something special coming up???

Pitstop cafe, got special, you want?


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