Honey I'll bring you to the moon

I am back from my honeymoon and Eve is also back from the holidays. Is there a difference between a honeymoon and a holiday? From what I learn over a dinner with the Pitstop crew, it seem to be the case...

mumu: so eve where exactly did you go?

eve: we went to krabi, a beach area in Thailand...

mumu: so where are you going for your honeymoon?

astro circuit send off warning alarms..hey isn't that trip a honeymoon???

eve: oh we have not plan for our honeymoon yet...

astroboy internal circuit getting confused and overloaded. Are the girls speaking in "guys dun get it" mode?

astro: eh what is the difference?

mumu: oh go thailand, thats a holiday not a honeymoon...

astro internal circuit shorted...

So what exactly is a honeymoon? Why a trip to Thailand could not consider as a honeymoon? Perhaps there is a different perception indeed on what a honeymoon is. The trip to Thailand was lots of fun and we had lots of yummy food, but i believe most would feel that it is not a honeymoon destination right?

Why? Is it too near to Singapore? I would imagine the word honeymoon come from some cockster saying "honey i will bring you to the moon..". Not sure why anyone will say that cos the last time i heard, Chang er didn't really enjoy her stay there. Oh yah since it is a cockster, it might be possible.

Anyway could that be why honeymoon has to be somewhere far away, different and exotic?

So after some thoughts, i believe that somehow most people do have certain perception on where constitue a honeymoon destination. Is it our culture, external influence or perhaps a social construct? What do you think?

So i have come out with a dummy checklist to determine if you are going for a honeymoon! if you answer no to any of the questions, be warned, you may be heading off for a holiday instead!

Honeymoon Destination Checklist

1. Connect Singapore to your destination. Does it cross at least one major ocean? If yours involove just crossing a bridge, forget the rest of the checklist. It will be a holiday.

2. Are you going to a different continent?

3. Does your flight serve meals? Implication is obvious, a budget airline doesn't set off a honeymoon on the right foot.

4. Do you get to complete at least 1 inflight movie?

5. Does your destination have 4 different seasons? Its ok to go in bloody hot summer but hey it better have different seasons so that when you talk about your trip the weather could be an interesting topic. Go in winter better still, you get to wear clothes that you never get to wear in Singapore!

5. Is your destination different in timezone? The bigger the difference in timezone, the better it is!

6. Does your destination has any famous icons that appear on postcards, or perhaps any wonders of the world? If not, you too may wonder why you are not going on a honeymoon.

7. Check out the macdonald. If after conversion to Singapore Dollars, is it more expensive to have macdonald at your destination? Better still everything at the destination should be more expensive compared to Singapore.

8. Did the folks at the destination speak a language that you would consider learning if you ever took up a foreign language course?

9. Is your trip more than 15 days? That is the approximate time for a new moon to become a full moon. That definitely helps to emphasis that you are going on a honeymoon.

There you go, a lame guide on choosing your honeymoon destination. I guess in the end it is not the destination that matters. If each day is lived with passion, gratitude and a healthy dose of fun, everyday is honeymoon!

So where and what will your ideal honeymoon be like?

How about Pitstop Cafe? Not exactly honeymoon destination, but hey our iced honey water though is pretty popular.

Pitstop Cafe, no honeymoon, honey water can or not?



cityhermit said...

woohoo...time to start saving?Consider visiting me, I'm currently 5 hrs ahead of SG, one of the first city to see everyday begins. Haha... oh ya, 9 hrs flight.. ;)

The Movie Club said...

According to Wikipedia (Not WEEKEEpedia) Honey moon is "The first month after marriage, when there is nothing but tenderness and pleasure"

So most impt is tenderness and pleasure!!!

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