The Pitstop Crew feature part 4- Smith


And now, possibly the most 'Super' of our crew, we introduce to you Mr Smith! Not only can you spot him wearing his crocs, Smith also loves The Superman Logo. Superman T- shirt, Superman Rings, Superman ear rings really all sorts! Smith also has a peculiar hobby- painting Stikfas figures! Check out one of the Stikfas he made for Pitstop cafe!


Smith is such a passionate crew, he comes on weekdays on his own accord to learn games so that he would not be caught reading out the game manual when you folks asked him how to play a game.


When you talk to Smith, he makes sure you feel that Pitstop cafe is the best place in the world. He will show off his pitstop mini and will tell you that he loves Pitstop cafe so much that he can work without eating, without sleeping and without being paid!!! hahaha....

got a problem? talk to my crocs!

Come this saturday, Smith will be assuming the post of floor manager, so do pop by and see Smith in action!

Pitstop cafe, yet another Oommpaa Loompa

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