Finally the big day is here

After months of preparation, the big is finally a few hours away. Though Eve and I have been married for quite awhile, i am still pretty nervous about the whole event.

the wonders of photoshop

Like to thank all for the well wishes. Also like to take the opportunity to thank all the Pitstop crew for running the place today! Of course a really big thank to Tim and Xingzhi for helping manage the place while we go away on our honeymoon.

Check out pitstoppers blog for a short video clip about me and Evelyn

Anyway to celebrate this happy occassion, we have plan some new stuff at the cafe. There will be lots of yummy new finger food to choose from at Pitstop Cafe. So do get more information from the Pitstop Crew.

We also have something nice and sweet or everyone...

Brownie Surprise

This aint your plain chocolate brownie. Instead it is chocolate brownie with a general dose of macadamia nuts. Add another scoop of New Zealand Natural premium ice cream, it is definitely a yummy sweet treat! The brownie set is available for at only $6.90!

Yummy! Can even see the macadamia nuts from here!

We also have it available as a game package. At $11.90, you get the brownie set, a drink plus 2 hours of gaming!

So drop by Pitstop Cafe and check out the new stuff.

Pitstop Cafe, share the joy!

nervous astroboy


Mel said...

Wow.. that's a beautiful wedding photo! Congratulations you two!! =)

leafie said...

hey, congrats to e two of u! :)
been quite a while since i last went to pitstop. gotta find time for it... zzzz..

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