Pitstop Crew Wanted!

Hope you folks read our previous feature about our Pitstop crews
Kok Ann, Thomas
& Carolin.

Stay tuned for more features of the unique personality of Pitstop cafe!

Wah! Still have to give them presents one leh!

Indeed Pitstop cafe is a whacky place with all these oompaa loompas with great personality!

Wah! Damn pressurizing to work here! always kena pressed so hard!

Each one of them are specially monitored and selected to ensure they provide you with fun!

They hip hop, fold utensils, predict future and many other more... Pitstop cafe is a cafe with great personality and it is possible because of all the crew giving you their heart and soul to create a culture of fun!

Wah! This is the family of fun!

So, if you want to be part of the culture of fun,come be part of us. Be part of the fun, the oommpa loompa of fun.

be a Pitstop Crew


Oh, I forgot...

Pitstop cafe, Pitstop crew wanted

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