Loose Talks @ Pitstop

At Pitstop cafe, remarkable comments are often heard. Sometimes satisfying, sometimes happy and definately sometimes hilarious. Here are just some quick ones to perk your day up!

Caffe Latte is 2/3 milk, 1/3 coffee

Whether you have it dry or wet, technically speaking, Capuccino constitutes of 1/3 milk,1/3 coffee and 1/3 froth. Well, at least that's what our crew has been taught...

Carolin: What drinks would you like to have?


Carolin: That's fine.

Pitstopper:uh... also.. Capuccino without froth please.


In Pitstop cafe, photos of pitstoppers are often taken and kept as memories in the cafe. Well, that's definately unique considering Pitstop cafe is the first cafe to have graffiti and photos all over the place. But not everyone knows that apparently...

I was totally stunt!

Kok Ann: Would you like to take pictures? We are closing soon.

Pitstopper: Take pictures for what? You mean you all are closing down?!?!

Kok Ann:?!?!?!

Pitstop cafe, loose talks surmount


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