The Pitstop Crew Feature Part 3- Kok Ann

A New Year has started but Pitstop Cafe has not forsaken the Oommpa Loompas...Let us continue with the Pitstop Crew Feature.

The 3rd Oommpa Loompa...
Kok Ann

Despite the fact that Kok Ann is one of the youngest Pitstop Crew, he has an impressive profile. At merely the age of 20, Kok Ann has already interacted with many prominent international delegates during the World Trade Organization(WTO) Summit held in Singapore last year. To add on, Kok Ann was specially selected to play host to Pele during his short stay in Singapore too. Therefore, to all Pitstoppers who are interested in finding out more about Pele or any of the WTO delegates, speak to Kok Ann. He will definitely be more than willing to share his experiences with you.

Not interested in international figures or events? Fret not. Kok Ann who actively participates in Temasek Forum might be able to provide opinions with regards to local issues too. Therefore, Pitstoppers who are either enthusiastic about local issues or local 'gossips', Kok Ann might be the man who you could turn to.

The Thinker or The Poser?

Besides being constantly updated with local and international affairs, Kok Ann is avidly interested in astrology and zodiac too. Pitstoppers who want to have a break after a game and have your future to be predicted, approach Kok Ann. It might be good to know what is to be expected for the rest of the year in 2007.

Come to me...and have your fortune to be predicted

Lastly, Kok Ann does seem to put his special ability that is his 'magical' power into good use. It is common to have small items such as the menu, stationery and the game markers to go missing in Pitstop Cafe. Often than not, it is Kok Ann who managed to retrieve these missing items.

Lost and Found

So...at the tender age of 20, will you consider Kok Ann to be a high-achiever? Drop by Pitstop Cafe to determine...or...

Does his Tee-Shirt say all?

Pitstop Cafe, seeking out for more Oompaa Loompas. Stay tune...


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