The Pitstop Crew feature part 5- Swee Siong

And here we go, our 5th feature of our Pitstop crew... Swee Siong!
The youngest of the Pitstop crew, Swee Siong is a shy and soft spoken boy, interacting with him makes Pitstopper want to disturb him, tease him, torture him bla bla bla

I like to pose!

Now, perhaps his special ability is that he constantly bugs us and ask us, 'everyone has a special ability, but hey what's my special ability?'. Being the shy boy as he is, he just spaced out and keep thinking of his special ability while washing the plates, eating his rice, making the drinks bla bla bla

I like to sleep!

Who says he has no special ability? As I always believe, one's special ability is something that you don't feel that it is special at all.

Who else has a throng of girls waiting to go out with him every saturday?
Who else has two girls troubling over getting him a birthday cake?
who else would source high and low for a perfect birthday place for his gf?
who else could be in the school's soccer team?
Who else matches his t shirt with his berms, together with a funky pair of shoes?

It could only be Swee Siong.

I like you to take me home!

So there you go, if you like to have a shy and good looking boy to serve you, ask for Swee Siong. Swee Siong, will make you happy.

P.S oh ya, if you wanna see the shy side of Swee Siong, just try looking at him and snigger. He will feel very awkward! hahaha

Pitstop cafe, where special abilities are found


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