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We are going to have an additional new blog! What is going to be different is that you can be a part of it!

Of course the question is why do we want another blog. One of the reason is to provide a way for Pitstoppers to share interesting stuff with each other. The other is also for us to share other funny stuff that we came across and might not related to Pitstop Cafe.

Anyway this project is still in beta phase and we will see how things work out. So if you have anything interesting, simply send an email to the following address and you will see it appear on the pitstoppers blog!

So if you have anything intesting, such as a joke, a funny incident or whatever blah blah blah, send an email and share it with other Pitstoppers. Send in either text or html format but attachements currently are not accepted.

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What you always ask for

At Pitstop Cafe, we offer a variety of great cool deals for our Pitstoppers to enjoy yummy bites while having fun with friends. A lot of people have been calling us to enquire what are our charges like. So read on as we share with you readers on the variety of game package deals available at Pitstop Cafe.

Indivdual Packages

Pitstop, $14.90
Stoping for a great meal? The Pitstop comes with a main course, soup of the day, a drink and 2 hours of gaming. Each main course includes a serving of salad and crinklet fries.

spring chicken 1
Juicy spring chicken

Tender grilled chicken chop. Comes in either teriyaki or black pepper sauce

A popular among Pitstoppers, the classic foot long fish and chips

Road Trip, $10
2 delightful scoops of New Zealand Premium ice cream and toppings of your choice. Add another drink and 2 hours of gaming, it is definitely going to be a sweet road trip.

Yummy New Zealand Premium ice cream

Twin Package

Cross Roads, $20
Take a break, have a nice snack. Cross roads come with a plate of finger food, 2 drinks and 2 hours of gaming for 2 person.

spring roll 3
Choose from a variety of finger food

Group Packages

Fast Forward, $34
Get started fast! The Fast Forward comes with a plate of finger food, 4 drinks and 2 hours of gaming for 4 folks. Bring it on!

chicken wing 3
Jumbo chicken wings available too!

Road Block, $46
Take your pick of 2 yummy plates of finger food. Add another 6 drinks and 2 hours of gaming for 6 person. The formula for awesome fun.

Chicken delights! A popular among the Pitstoppers. Look at the generous serving!

Detour, $32
Only got time for a fast round of games? Take the detour. Comes with 6 drinks and 1 hour of gaming for up to 6 folks. Short but sweet!

A wide selection of drinks available

Extension of gaming hours is only at $2 per pax per hour. Basic gaming rates without package is $3 per pax for the first hour and $2 per pax for subsequent extension of gaming hours

Comprehensive selection of games

Great memorable fun with all your friends, Priceless

For everything else, there's Pitstop Cafe.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun


Gifts from the land of smiles

Guess what are in all those colored wrappers?

What happen to all the mentos

Instead of mentos, we currently have durian sweets. Special thanks to nadnut for the gift from her trip in Bangkok. Not only she got the sweets for the crew, she got enough to share with the rest of the Pitstoppers!

Can feel the love or not?

Pitstop Cafe, feel the love!



Sweet nothings?

Having a conversation with eve one of the days at the cafe about a upcoming photoshoot.

eve: "eh for the photoshoot, the photographer say you wear contact lens better"

astroboy: "ok lor, quite troublesome hor"

eve: "who ask you have so poor eyesight?"

astroboy: "i nerd mah, read alot of books one ok. that is why now wear glasses. you got perfect eyesight must be because you don't study lar"

eve: "no lar, i also got a bit of short sightness, that is why i find you handsome..."

astroboy: "#@#$%!!!"

astroboy belting out his latest single again, "nobody likes me, everybody hates me, i gonna eat some worms....

Pitstop Cafe, getting personal...


Pitstop Evolution

While doing the design for the new batch of namecards, I can't help but feel how time have fly by. Pitstop Cafe will be turining 1 year old in 1 month time!

So have you kinda of wonder how the name Pitstop Cafe came about? Here's the story...

Once upon a time, back in September of 2005, 4 merry folks decided to come together and embark on a journey to start out something. Sitting on a square table and babbling nonsense, a vision appear...

"To create a cosy environment where friends come together and have an enjoyable time together through fun activities and great yummy stuff!"

So they hunted around the beautiful sunny island to accomplish their vision and finally settled in a nice cosy shophouse near the river area.

"So what should we call it?"

"How about DejaBrew? Since we brew coffee anyway"
(DejaBrew actually was an earlier name for a pub that we thought of doing but somehow it didn't materialise)

"Or how about TreeTop Cafe since we are so high up here!"

"So normal, must act cute abit! Lets call it Kimoki cafe. I don't know what that means but it sounds nice!"

"eeks, that so kinky!"

None seem appealing so the 4 folks of the square table wonder, wonder and wonder. From the sunrise till the cows finally come home but nothing comes to mind.

Then suddenly one said, "How about Pitstop Cafe???"

Lightning strikes, mountain crumbles and the sea parted. The faces of these 4 folks glow.

"That is it! The perfect name! A destination that all will come. They will rest well here, have great fun and recharge themselves from the tiring world. It will be so Right up here!"

And so they craved the words in stone blocks...

The very first logo design

Inscribe was 7 magic numbers, 3572005 which in leetspeak means est2005 or establish in 2005.

There you go, a crappy but rather accurate presentaton on the origin and logo of Pitstop Cafe.

Susequently more colors are added to the logo to reflect the 3 unique color stripes of Pitstop Cafe. A concept designed by a good friend of ours.

The 3 colors sure brighten up the logo design!

As we work towards the vision, Pitstop Cafe become a really nice and fun place with all the support from all you great Pitstoppers. From having a graffiti wall, doing mentos experiment in our balcony, to taking part in boardgame competition and having a game arena, it was lots of fun!

Even little stuff like our Penguins and Pepper and salt holder make the cafe really interesting.

and so we change our tagline to something more relevant...

The new batch of name cards with the new tagline, "Be part of the fun"

Normally we have a simple map at the back of the name cards...

As the year end approaches, instead of the same back design of a map, we have a 2007 calendar instead!

Something different for a namecard...

So if you folks like it, do grab the mini calendars on your next visit at Pitstop.

Pitstop Cafe, like what we always say, be part of fun!



Game Review: Ticket to Ride

Yeah finally got some time to do a review on one of my favourite games, Ticket to Ride! I really enjoy playing this as well as sharing this game with the folks that come to the cafe. It is easy to setup, the rules are simple, it has a nice theme and most of all it is so much fun to play! In my opinion, it is definitely a much better introduction to eurogame compared to Settlers of Catan.

This group is the first time playing this game and they will be showing you how simple and fun the game is.

The game is enjoyable for group of 3 to 5

In this game, everyone owns a train company in the US. So as a train company the objective is to connect up the various cites by railway.

See all those tracks and cities, you got to link them up!

Every player will have various missions which require them to plan a route to connect up the cities...

So if you can connect up the 2 city you get 12 bonus points, if not then a 12 point penalty for you!

You get to collect train cards on your turn and using the train cards you get to build the railway tracks.

Different color train cards are required to build parts of the railway tracks

but it is not easy, each time the most you can collect is 2 cards

once you got the right cards, you get to build your railway tracks!

and you get points for building the tracks too. depending on how long is the track, you are rewarded accordingly

Since you can choose either to collect train cards or build tracks, this game require careful planning. Spend too many turns collecting cards and your evil friends will claim your routes and you end up having to build a circle line just to reach your destination. Build to early and too fast and you deplete your resources!

as the game progress, tension increases as each player claim more and more tracks

You will have to plan on the fly as your routes might be claim by other players before you even build them. Do you notice another interesting about this game? There is no dice involved! One of the important characteristic of most eurogames.

The folks like the game so much that stay for dinner and proceed to another session of the game!

playing Ticket to Ride Europe edition

which is a more advance edition which allow players to build tunnels and railway stations

things can get so exciting that you can't stay seated!

definitely a fun and enjoyable session!

Ticket to Ride comes in 3 different editions; America, Europe and Marklin. Each new edition introduce new different gameplay elements. Yeah and at Pitstop Cafe we got all the 3 editions!

Someone should create a new edition base on our world class transport. It will be so much fun trying to connect different locations via MRT, LRT, Buses, etc. Players can build ERP gantries to divert one congested areas to another. Elite players can even implement clever stuff like the "Flag the Bus Early" campaign. It will be so damm fun!

So come to Pitstop Cafe and have a Ticket to Ride experience!

Pitstop Cafe, your destination for fun



Pitstop Mini

I believe most of you folks have receieved Pitstop Cafe membership card, aka the Pitstop Mini. It really brighten our days when you guys tell us that you like our unique membership card!

For those who have not gotten the card yet, imagine a card smaller than your usual credit cards and with a nice glossy black surface, swee!

front of the card. The background looks familar right?

back of the card. can anyone guess what is shown in the background?

What is cool about this card is that it doesn't require you to pay any membership fee at all! Just consolidate a bill of above $100 within a month and the card is yours!

So what are the benefits for our Pitstoppers? We have lots in store for you...

10% discount on total bill

15% discount on your birthday and a free postcard photo on your birthday

10% discount off purchase of merchandise at Pitstop Cafe

Special promotion with participating merchants

But wait there is more...

Every $5 spend earns you 1 Pitstop Dollar which can be accumulated to redeem for free gaming hours, yummy treats and so much more!

And hold on, I am getting breathless but there is still more!

15 Pitstop Dollars credited to your account immediately!

Some folks are saying that we are crazy and i think we are. But we know we exists because of your continuous support and we strive to give you folks the best value and experience by putting the best in what we do. So close your eyes, touch your heart...eh can feel the love or not?

Be a Pitstopper today. Be part of the fun!

Pitstop Cafe, we love Pitstoppers!


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