Pitstop Evolution

While doing the design for the new batch of namecards, I can't help but feel how time have fly by. Pitstop Cafe will be turining 1 year old in 1 month time!

So have you kinda of wonder how the name Pitstop Cafe came about? Here's the story...

Once upon a time, back in September of 2005, 4 merry folks decided to come together and embark on a journey to start out something. Sitting on a square table and babbling nonsense, a vision appear...

"To create a cosy environment where friends come together and have an enjoyable time together through fun activities and great yummy stuff!"

So they hunted around the beautiful sunny island to accomplish their vision and finally settled in a nice cosy shophouse near the river area.

"So what should we call it?"

"How about DejaBrew? Since we brew coffee anyway"
(DejaBrew actually was an earlier name for a pub that we thought of doing but somehow it didn't materialise)

"Or how about TreeTop Cafe since we are so high up here!"

"So normal, must act cute abit! Lets call it Kimoki cafe. I don't know what that means but it sounds nice!"

"eeks, that so kinky!"

None seem appealing so the 4 folks of the square table wonder, wonder and wonder. From the sunrise till the cows finally come home but nothing comes to mind.

Then suddenly one said, "How about Pitstop Cafe???"

Lightning strikes, mountain crumbles and the sea parted. The faces of these 4 folks glow.

"That is it! The perfect name! A destination that all will come. They will rest well here, have great fun and recharge themselves from the tiring world. It will be so Right up here!"

And so they craved the words in stone blocks...

The very first logo design

Inscribe was 7 magic numbers, 3572005 which in leetspeak means est2005 or establish in 2005.

There you go, a crappy but rather accurate presentaton on the origin and logo of Pitstop Cafe.

Susequently more colors are added to the logo to reflect the 3 unique color stripes of Pitstop Cafe. A concept designed by a good friend of ours.

The 3 colors sure brighten up the logo design!

As we work towards the vision, Pitstop Cafe become a really nice and fun place with all the support from all you great Pitstoppers. From having a graffiti wall, doing mentos experiment in our balcony, to taking part in boardgame competition and having a game arena, it was lots of fun!

Even little stuff like our Penguins and Pepper and salt holder make the cafe really interesting.

and so we change our tagline to something more relevant...

The new batch of name cards with the new tagline, "Be part of the fun"

Normally we have a simple map at the back of the name cards...

As the year end approaches, instead of the same back design of a map, we have a 2007 calendar instead!

Something different for a namecard...

So if you folks like it, do grab the mini calendars on your next visit at Pitstop.

Pitstop Cafe, like what we always say, be part of fun!


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