Singapore Boardgames Championship

As promised, spend some time in doing some cheap footages of the Singapore Boardgame Championship.. so do forgive me if yer find it unproffesionally done or unentertaining..

Many people have been questioning us ' Are you insane to publicize or even support your rivals? Aren't you like sending your own customers to em'?

Indeed, what Pitstop cafe did was indeed really weird... really weird..

But on retrospect, I think what we did was really fulfilling..

For once, Pitstop cafe has managed to bring groups of pitstoppers who never met each other before, unite towards a common cause. Though they played for themselves, I believe everyone of em' also played with greater responsibilities.

Responsibility to do their cafe proud.

It was satisfying, to the point of touching to see fellow pitstoppers promote the cafe and talk about the Pitstop experience with such enthusiasm and conviction.

And to think that most people present that day, thought that all of em' were co-owners.

Well, they are not wrong.

You folks are our co-owners.

Because without you, there would not be a Pitstop experience.

So do, continue to keep the faith, Pitstop Cafe would not be the same without all these unique folks!

Pitstoppers, this is the video



Anonymous said...

aw.... aniwae Nick got in! =) -hy

Settler's Cafe said...

Hey team Pitstoppers! Hope you all had fun! Thank you for being part of Singapore Board Games Championship 2006, and looking forward to gaming with you in future!


The Settler's Cafe Team

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