An Achiever, a Pitstopper

We have an really interesting mix of folks that drop by the cafe, different races, different origins, different backgrounds. There was always interesting facts to learn from these folks...

Anyway cut the story short, Stephen is one of the regular Pitstopper too. An interesting is that he is also part of the group called Achievers. Achievers is a non-profit and non-religious volunteer group whose mission is to dispel misconceptions on mental illnesses and to provide compassion and empathy to people who are suffering from it.

Stephen enjoying a game of Jenga at Pitstop Cafe

What he currently doing is that he would be developing some meaningful activities with the intention to stimulate and arouse the minds of those mentally ill folks and to bring out their creativity. Some of the planned activities include lego, snake & ladders, chess, etc. He is currently looking for like-minded volunteers to assist him in making a difference in the lives of those who need this help.

So if you are keen, do call him at 90674414 for more enquires. They will be having the next volunteer session on 5th of August. If you like help, do join him for this upcoming fun and meaningful activity.

Pitstop Cafe, we support Pitstoppers!


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