A little Bit about Us (Kimoki Version)

It's been a while since we last shared a little bit about ourselves/ The section on about us seems to be rotting away as well..

For regular Pitstoppers, Folks will know that Pitstop cafe is more than just an interesting place to hang out but because you folks also partake in our entrepreneur efforts together and also shared a bit of our personal life, our memories as well as our 'growing up' process.

I don't even carry bags to school, but when it comes to clubbing everything inside is a neccessity

Ever since Pitstop cafe, mumu has been complaining that she has never seen me club so much before in my life before..

Though her worries are unfounded, but it is true that Pitstop cafe has turned my definition of leisure around...As much of the time and energy has been spent on Pitstop cafe, it is really quite impossible for me (at least) to be at anywhere else, enjoying myself at NYDC Heeren..

No choice..have to turn to clubbing, one of the only places that still opens after the cafe closes, one of the only places that can calm my uptight nerves (chemically).

A quick run down of my equipments

Its obvious to know when Im clubbing, folks will laugh at me for carrying a big bag. Mumu will comment that I seem to be fully equipped for a war.

Going home and subsequently coming out does not make sense, so I take too changing at the cafe and heading down straight to my favorite club Phuture, Zouk! (only Wed and Fri). Pitstop cafe really has everything, I can even bathe in the toilet, the hand dryer even worked as a hair dryer!

They say the clothes maketh a man

Sometimes, the sofa can even act as a bed for us to bunk in for the night!

I say the jeans also protects The Man

All in all, Pitstop cafe becomes really like a home to us all. Even Astroboy and Eve, got their own bathing stuffs in the cafe too!

The shoes, not very suitable to shake to R and B leh

So back to clubbing, it really gave me a time to really not think of the cafe for once (though I must admit that its impossible to get it out of my mind). Even better, for a heavily self concsious folk like me, alcohol really work wonders to make me talk crap and spew nonsense (not that I dun do it even without alcohol).

This is the secret to my anti-gravity spikes

And yah..back to the cafe. My life has really been twisted.. But I guess, what I really learnt is time management. Like I always said and will say it again, 'people always complain they got no time, but truth is it depends on how much they want something'.

For me, Pitstop cafe is like my baby (err..ok..i know sounds a bit.. i know).. Pitstop cafe is like my blood, my sweat, my hair clay. No matter how tired I am, or how busy I have been, going to Pitstop cafe has bever been a chore. Even at moments where it seems like there are no customers or sales, being at Pitstop cafe just keeps me going.

Almost done, this clay is good.. yet another of those secret recipe

I guess, Pitstop Cafe embodies my personal philosophy(not sure bout' the rest). A philosophy where if you really want and love something that badly, nothing can deter you, everything just motivates you to do it.

the coming year is a very exciting year for me, to propel Pitstop Cafe to the next level and to push my CAP score a bit more to achieve my goal of second upper honors. I really do have qualms in my ability to handle it, but I will try my best nevertheless.

So all you Pitstoppers, I look forward to all your continued support. Because its because you folks believe in us that we can carry on realising my dreams.. and perhaps continue clubbing..

Add the finishing touches, and we are ready to 'find me in the club'..'Yeah, Yeah! Yeah!

So, do keep the flow of Pitstoppers overwhelming, because Pitstop cafe is the place where dreams are realised.

Pitstop cafe, one is not enough, together we can club!

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