Reflections of Cafe Culture

Having past the hectic week, the Pitstop crew were seriously tired out by the influx of pitstoppers after pitstoppers after pitstoppers and after pitstoppers..

Tiring, but satisfying..

There I was standing at a corner watching all the folks and the whole cafe.. I couldn't help feeling a sense of achievement and yet a feeling of amusement..

have you ever seen a cafe like this before?

Amusement? yes..amusement indeed.. the cafe has indeed evolved into something that has a distinctive culture. Nevermind the fact that we are small, hold only 35 pax or what have you.. the feeling I had when I saw all the pitstoppers, was one that gives me the feeling that we are all one big family.

bags are strewn on the floor, but that's just how it goes

Now, it really looks a chinese new year atmosphere..

Folks are sprawled all over the place, but that's just how it goes

Cafe Concept is everywhere. Some focuses on ambience, some focuses on products and services, while some focuses on professionalism.

Pitstop Cafe is Different, our focus is not so much on the concept but on the Culture.

engaging in every aspect, even while you wait for your bill, you get to doodle on the wall

The Culture of Pitstop cafe is one where people come as strangers but leave as friends.

A culture whereby everything is so relaxing, where you can do everything and anything you want.

Folks here do all sorts of things, really all sorts of things

A culture where not only can you enjoy good food, good games and good service, you also get to be part of the entrepreneaur process.

A culture whereby you can just spend your time looking at the endless photos, grafitti and memories left behind by all other pitstoppers.

some draw,

some watch,

A culture where everyone just mingles together, sing birthday songs for other people whom you never met before.

And guess what? All these is priceless, you ain't got to spend a cent to know other people.

Because the culture of Pitstop Cafe is where folks....

while most are too engrossed

come as strangers, leave as friends.

Pitstop cafe, I say come as strangers, leave as friends!!!!!


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