Cafe Latte, Cuppuccino or Me?

After a tiring day at work, nothing perk me up like a fresh shot of espresso at Pitstop Cafe. While caffeine does not have much effect on me, smelling the nice aroma from freshly grinded coffee beans really freshen me up!

Sitting at the sofa, sipping a nice cup of hot coffee, my body relax while energy simply ozzes through my body as i enjoy the coffee.

Certain days i like a hot cup of cafe latte. Not too strong and with a nice milky taste, it is definitely my choice after a tiring day.

A nice cup of hot cafe latte

On other days, a hot cup of cuppuccino will do the trick. Strong in favor (cos more foam and less milk), with a nice sweetness in the foam and top off with a tinge of chocolate syrup, it is indeed a nice treat!

or a nice foamy cuppuccino?

Drinking alone can be quite boring at times, luckily there is Eve to accompany me. One latte, one cuppuccino. You one sip, I one sip, very romantic!

Sometimes you really get to have the best of both world

So if you need that perk, drop in at Pitstop Cafe and lets us make you a nice treat! Remember you one sip, I one sip, very romantic!

Pitstop Cafe, let us perk you up.

astroboy, powered by cafe latte and cuppuccino


Anonymous said...

Do people come pitstop cafe just for coffee and no games?

Kimoki said...


Yes of course! Following our news paper feature on 'sunday drinks' section, there has been a constant flow of folks who come here to chill over a cup of coffee!!

here at Pitstop cafe, we are not just boardgames, but we bring you an exciting environment where you can have nice food, nice coffee and nice games!!


astroboy said...

that is a very interesting question cause come to think about it, actually we have folks that come only for food. some just have ice cream and of course others just coffee.

in fact there are others who just have espresso, as well as the less common espresso macchiato and espresso con panna.

Another nice treat that is known to a few is our espresso affagatto. Espresso with hokey pokey, for those who came to the cafe before, it is not hard to imagine what a nice treat it will be!

eve said...

hey astroboy, u r confusing readers by your suggestions! Anyway readers/bloggers/folks, just come down to Pitstop to check out the wide range of coffee/drinks/meals/ice cream that we offer!
Cya soon :)

astroboy said...

hahaa talk about coffee i perk up liao mah :P

Mark said...

nice shop and concept you've got there! food is pretty decent too.

pity i didn't get chance to play any games... ah well, there's always next time :) cheers!

aH-NaTx said...

haha and can pple just come down for YOU and no games?


Kimoki said...

oh...that's terrible.. we havent thought of that.. maybe we can have a seperate package for that...

but, a note of reminder: the previous tenant got raided by the police because they were into some kinda sleazy massage..

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