Team Pitstop

We have been looking for some of the Pitstoppers to take part in the upcoming board games competition is coming Saturday. We are still waiting for some of the folks to response.

It was indeed a nice concidence to have one of the group that we are looking for, to drop in at Pitstop Cafe! We wasted no time signing them up and they were more than happy to be part of Team Pitstop...

Introducing our first 2 competitors for Team Pitstop...

Standing 7 feet tall, weighing 35 lbs, we present Nathan. His looks alone is going to send shiver down the opponents...

Sweet lovely Amanda, well verse in Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan, this cutie pie is no push over...

Power pack right! We like to form a bigger group, more fun mah right! So if you folks are keen, drop us an email soon ok! We will send you guys the details soon so do check your email Hopefully we can gather a nice team and have great fun this Saturday. Check back on the blog for more updates ok!

Pitstop Cafe, Pitstoppers Unite!


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