Blokus Challenge

In Pitstop Cafe, we constantly try to mingle with fellow pitstoppers..

like I said before, 'we ain't mind incurring cost, so as long you folks have fun'..

though it don't cost a thing for em' to lose, this folks are still serious to the core yoh..

So there you go, the Blokus Challenge is invented to foster interaction between fellow pitstoppers, as well as provide a little incentive to keep you always smiling..

kimoki obviously trying to defend Pitstop cafe's reputation, but opponents know his weakness and has sent a decoy

How does it work?

Blokus is a 4 player game where you try to place as many tiles on the grid board as possible, while trying to block you oppenent, preventing them from expanding their territory. As such, this game is simple to learn and yet has myriads of possibilities and styles of playing.

As the game progress, the tension keeps increasing.. her thought of the free ice cream is slowly melting and diminishing

Kimoki just so smug all the time, someone ought to just shoot him in the head

In Pitstop cafe, you can always ask for the Blokus challenge, just find 2 players and challenge any other two of the pitstop crew! The survivng champ gets a free scoop of New Zealand Natural ice cream!!!

No ice cream? it's ok..they still had fun!

Pitstop Cafe, come as strangers leave as friends



White Paladin said...

LoL!!! Yay! You're on!!!

Phoeniix said...

Mwahahaha I am proud to say me and Irene won TWO scoops!!

astroboy said...

ya that was a good game. but sa lar on our side lar. cos we never explain clearly mah. it is not meant to be a team challenge. rather it is a solo challenge. nevertheless i think you guys are definitely a tough cookie to crack! lets do it again one of these days!

Anonymous said...

Tim... I ll be back to challenge u again... =P - Zhiliang

Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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